• Spring Garden Maintenance Checklist. Get Started Now.
  • 6 Easy Vegetables to Grow
  • 5 More Foods You Can Freeze. Part 2.

Spring Garden Maintenance Checklist. Get Started Now.

Spring Garden Maintenance Checklist

There is something so poetic when the forsythia bloom.  For me, it signifies that spring has arrived.  And there is plenty of work to do around the homestead.  Here is my spring garden maintenance checklist.  Add yours as well in the comments below.

6 Easy Vegetables to Grow

Easy Vegetables to Grow

When I look back at all the years, I have been gardening, I can truly confide that there are only six easy vegetables to grow. Why did I say “easy” because all vegetable could have issues such as pests, powdery mildew, etc. Also, plant issues could also be magnified by where you live. Just to […]

5 More Foods You Can Freeze. Part 2.

foods that you could freeze

I am a freezer fanatic.   I would rather throw food in the freezer and hope it unfreezes to some manageable state than throw it in my composter.  But I bet you already know that, having read my previous article, “6 foods that I bet you didn’t know you can Freeze.” (*Wink*)  Well, I have […]

Seed Scarification: Wondering Why Seeds Don’t Germinate?

seed scarification

A couple of weeks ago, I started growing my seeds inside.  Over the years, I have discovered that not all seeds are alike. Certain seeds need to be scarified, stratified, soaked, or inoculated.   I will be focusing on seed scarification for this article and will touch upon the other methods in future articles.

Philadelphia Flower Show: Magical Landscapes, Dreamy Flowers

Philadelphia Flower Show

Right around the time that I can’t stand snow anymore, the Philadelphia Flower Show calls me to bask in her spectacular flower displays.   I was surrounded by lush landscape, new plants, and wonderful  vendors with the promise that spring is just around the corner. I could feel and touch grass, smell the aroma of plants, […]

6 Foods You Can Freeze! I Bet You Didn’t Know.

foods you can freeze

My freezer and I are BFF (best friends forever.) Seriously. She opens her arms and says, “Anna, what do you have for me today?” She knows how much my garden harvest means to me and over the years, has gone that extra, extra mile to delivers delectable thawed vegetables. So, I bet you have a […]

Why Soak Nuts. Health+Taste Benefits

Soaking nut

Over the last couple of years, my family has made diet changes based on our health issues. I have been struggling with my gut issues for awhile. So, my family is eating fewer grains and more nuts from almond milk, almond flour, and raw nuts. While investigating my issues, I learned that their nut consumption might […]