• Spring Flowers:  What’s Blooming in May.
  • Love Lavender: 24 Culinary and Homemade Product Recipes
  • Vinyl Flooring Could Comes With a Health Price.  Toxic Phthalates.

Spring Flowers: What’s Blooming in May.

May garden

The beginning of May is probably my  busiest time in the garden.  There are weeds to remove, new mulch to install, new beds to create and the list goes on and on.  Every year, I declare that the garden is going to kill me since there is so much to do.  But this May, I […]

Love Lavender: 24 Culinary and Homemade Product Recipes


I love lavender.  It is one of my favorite herbs. Its smell is intoxicating.  And its color so vivid. I would never have thought to cook with it or make anything other than lavender sugar.  Well, you are in for a treat since I enlisted my blogging friends to share some of their favorite lavender […]

Vinyl Flooring Could Comes With a Health Price. Toxic Phthalates.

Vinyl Flooring and Phthalate

People love their vinyl flooring for its resilience and cost. In fact, Floor Weekly reported 2011 sales for vinyl sheet and tile flooring “hit a record high wholesale value of $2.11 billion” in the United States. However, that resiliency comes with a health price tag.  Phthalates are added to vinyl flooring to reduce the rigidity […]

Eco-Skin Care by Herban Lifestyle: Pure, Small Batch Created

Herban Lifestyle Eco-Skin Care

Herban Lifestyle’s products are an eco skin care line that is committed to sustainability from sourcing quality fair trade and/or organic ingredients down to their packaging.  What I love about this company is their ingredients are so pure and don’t contain any synthetic chemicals. Better yet, the products are produced in  small batches to assure quality. […]

Spring Garden Maintenance Checklist. Get Started Now.

Spring Garden Maintenance Checklist

There is something so poetic when the forsythia bloom.  For me, it signifies that spring has arrived.  And there is plenty of work to do around the homestead.  Here is my spring garden maintenance checklist.  Add yours as well in the comments below.

6 Easy Vegetables to Grow

Easy Vegetables to Grow

When I look back at all the years, I have been gardening, I can truly confide that there are only six easy vegetables to grow. Why did I say “easy” because all vegetable could have issues such as pests, powdery mildew, etc. Also, plant issues could also be magnified by where you live. Just to […]

5 More Foods You Can Freeze. Part 2.

foods that you could freeze

I am a freezer fanatic.   I would rather throw food in the freezer and hope it unfreezes to some manageable state than throw it in my composter.  But I bet you already know that, having read my previous article, “6 foods that I bet you didn’t know you can Freeze.” (*Wink*)  Well, I have […]

Seed Scarification: Wondering Why Seeds Don’t Germinate?

seed scarification

A couple of weeks ago, I started growing my seeds inside.  Over the years, I have discovered that not all seeds are alike. Certain seeds need to be scarified, stratified, soaked, or inoculated.   I will be focusing on seed scarification for this article and will touch upon the other methods in future articles.