• Watermelon Jam. Saving Summer for Later.
  • 10 Tips for a Green Christmas.  Start with the Tree.
  • Planting Garlic in the Fall

Watermelon Jam. Saving Summer for Later.

Watermelon Jam

I love watermelon, but you can’t grow it in the dead of winter. But I can surely grow them in the summer–10 to 15  large watermelons.  By the third watermelon, my children scream”ENOUGH.”  So, what happens to all those watermelons?  I either give some away and the rest, I juice and store in the freezer […]

10 Tips for a Green Christmas. Start with the Tree.

Green Christmas Tips

So, now that you know purchasing real trees is the ticket toward a greener holiday, what else can you do to promote an eco-friendly Christmas? Here are 10 green Christmas tips from The Nature Conservancy:

Planting Garlic in the Fall

Plant Garlic in the Fall

If you love garlic as much as I do, then frost is your best friend.  Why?  It is time to plant garlic! Bearing any disasters, next year you will be smothering in garlic.  Can’t you just smell the garlic now?

Green Pepper Leaves Are Delicious! {+Recipe}

Green Pepper Leaf Recipe

At the end of gardening season, I am sad when I pull my plants since it signifies the end of garden season.  Generally most of the plants’ leaves are shriveled at this point–except my pepper plants.  My bestie, Karen of Dr.Karen Lee, encouraged me to use my green pepper leaves in her family recipe! Her family […]

5 Home Maintenance Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Home Maintenance Tips

    Our house turns 10 years old this coming spring.  Like any property, the house has had its share of maintenance issues. Every fall and spring, we survey the house and look for issues that could cause problems such as water damage or foundation issues.  Listed below are five home maintenance items that we […]

25+ Recipes for Tomatoes to Cure the Tomato Glut

Tomato Recipes

Although summer is over, my tomatoes are still going strong–especially the cherry tomatoes!  I have been scratching my head.   What do I do with all these tomatoes?  Sure, you can those tomatoes but how many cans of tomatoes can you use? (Sounds like Peter picked a pepper.)  Listed below are some creative ways to […]

Don’t Pitch the Old Toothbrush! 12 Ways to Reuse.

Reusing Old Toothbrush

I love figuring out ways to reuse or re-purpose items that ordinarily go into the trash. One item that I treasure is an OLD toothbrush. Every six months, the dentist hands us new toothbrushes. Normally, you would throw the old one in the trash.  Right?  Wrong.  Old toothbrushes are amazing tools for cleaning stains on […]