10 Green Tips For a Red Hot Valentine’s Day!

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Updated: 2/12/2012:
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner where we shower our love ones with chocolates, flowers and cards. Perhaps you would like to make this day a little different.

A little greener

A little racier

Just a little different.

Here are 10 ideas that are sure to make your V-Day smolder so that even Mama Earth would approve.

1. Spice it up with Naughty Undies: Who says that you have to bare it all to be sexy. Sometimes the imagination is worth the fantasy. Spice things up with the Daily Green’s list of sexy eco- lingerie.

Why settle for lingerie which is made of non-biodegradable materials such as nylon, polyester, and rayon when you can have the luxury of a natural material such organic cotton, hemp/silk blend, or bamboo rub your skin.

Check out the sexy lingerie at the UK Enamore. Looking for lingerie sold internationally, check out the Stella McCarthy collection.  Don’t forget the beautiful lingerie at US based Blue Canoe.

2. Hot Bubble Bath: Let the draining day just melt away while being surrounded by scented organic soy candles in a bubble bath made for two.  Try an EO’s bubble bath.  It is free of sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates and contains pure therapeutic-grade essential oils.

As for candles, try  Lumia Organic candles.  Why organic soy candles? Soy candles burn far less soot, are not genetically modified, and are from a renewable resource unlike its non-organic soy or paraffin based counterparts.

3. Valentine Cards: How many trees do you need to cut down in the name of love? None when you send an e-card from Care 2. For every free e-card that you send, Care 2 will donate to an environmental nonprofit to save a square foot of the Rainforest.

4. Toys are not just for Children: Why should kids have all the fun. There are big people toys as well. They are sure to take your lovemaking up a notch. Most sex toys are made out of PVC, which is softened with phthalates, a potentially health hazard.

Why should your fun become hazardous to your health? Get good “vibes,” or assorted play toys from Smitten Kitten made out of nontoxic medical grade silicon and let the good times roll. What’s a little love making with out some bondage? Smitten Kitten has you covered in this department.

Or check out the famous Rabbit Habit on Babeland made famous from Sex and the City and other assorted adult toys.

5. Chocolate is an Aphrodisiac: Well, I don’t know if chocolate gets you in the mood, but I know it makes you happy. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Consider organic fair trade chocolate with organic champagne as a before or after treat.

For chocolate, check out my articles, “Organic Chocolates Never Tasted So Good.” Love Theo Chocolates.  TCHO is to die for.   Part II is Organic Chocolate, a Little Taste of Heaven.  Berkshire Bark is delicious.

6. Flowers are a Way to a Woman’s Heart: Buying organic flowers helps supports farmers who are leading the way to sustainability. Why give your loved one flowers containing pesticides? Consider purchasing organic roses from Organic Style.

7. Personal Lubricant that really helps: According to Good Clean Love, makers of an eco-friendly lubricant, many over the counter lubricants are “made with chemicals designed first for cars or oven cleaner. Many women have severe reactions to these ingredients and believe the problem is with them and not the products they are using.” Why should a lubricant hinder instead of help? Choose their lubricant to jump start your night. Don’t forget to check out Good Clean Love’s aromatic oils pleasure butters too.

8. Silk Sheets. Why shouldn’t your prince or princess have the best without all the toxic chemicals? Romp around in these environmentally friendly luxurious silk sheets from Anna Sova.

9. Fair Trade Condoms: Yes, you heard right. French Letter condom are fair trade condoms made out of natural latex insuring that rubber plantation workers in South Asia are guaranteed higher wages and better living conditions.

10. Diamond are a Girl’s Best Friend. Bling is forever! You want to be a knight in shining armour, well give your lovely a token of your affection. Consider buying diamonds from Brilliant Earth, which sells conflict free and ethically made with renewed gold and platinum. Conflict free diamonds originate from ethical and environmentally responsible sources, which are free from violence and human rights abuse surrounding the processing and acquisition of the diamonds. In addition, this type of diamond mining causes minimum environmental impact to the Earth.

Want something elegant that already exists? Don’t forget estate jewelry. Maybe the local jewelry store sells a beautiful piece or two.

Perhaps some of the ideas have given you some food for thought or conjured up other ideas. Whatever you decide to do on V-day, consider your impact and give some love to the Earth too. Have any ideas to share? We are all ears!

Disclaimer:  Some of the links are Amazon affiliate links to help Green Talk to keep delivering great content.

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  1. 6


    I know Valentine’s Day has passed, but the gift I got can be used at any time. My husband introduced me to ‘Couples Stretch,’ where he get naked and help each other stretch out arms, legs torsos, etc. It felt amazing both during and after the session and the erotic nature of the session led to plenty of petting and caressing. The lube suggestion above works hand in hand with this naked twist. I like the stimulating ones like ProSensual,http://www.prosensual.com. I am a fan of the product, not a salesperson.

  2. 7


    Haha. It is bizzare which niche’s are going ‘green’ these days. Rightly so too. My company prints biodegradable bags and recycled items, but I didn’t realise there were so many other products which are envorinmentally friendly. Let’s hope that all countries start to follow suit.

  3. 12


    I totally agree with the scented soy candles tip and it doesn’t have to be restricted to valentines day – for something really sensual try aromatic chocolate scented soy candles – guaranteed to change anyone’s mood!

  4. 14

    Green Talk says

    Jan, let me know if you start carrying any eco-lingerie on your site, spice and nice lingerie. Anna

  5. 16


    As growing your own veg is of course a very green thing to do; wouldn’t the greenest Valentine’s gift simply be: some flowers in a vase you cut from your very own garden. Or would that look a bit cheap! 😉

  6. 17

    Green Talk says

    Nick, I don’t think it is cheap. I think it is amazingly romantic. Readers, what do you think? Anna

  7. 20


    Food for thought! I often try to buy organic or environmentally friendly, but I think we could all consider the fair trade option more often – myself included!

  8. 21


    I keep hearing chocolate is an aphrodisiac but I have never really experienced it to be lol. Its nice to see the green movement is taking off and really spreading into even the sex market. The greener the better I say.

  9. 24


    For those planning ahead to next valentines day, a word of warning for anyone with a diabetic partner. So-called ‘diabetic chocolate’ is not a good idea, often it has as many carbs as the ‘real’ stuff.

  10. 25

    Green Talk says

    I am glad you pointed this fact out. I have a son with diabetes 1 and we have to really read the labels. DI, doesn’t candy that have sugar alcohol get treated differently for DB2? Anna

  11. 26


    Great fun posting. I never realised that you could be so green in so many ways.

    I try to be green by persuading myself that a big steak is always green … after all don’t cattle eat grass?

  12. 28


    This post was made about a year back. But the content should be looked at again. Only 7 days more for Valentines day. We should look into this more seriously. Valentines day is all about love. Lets show our love to the MOTHER EARTH. Save the environment, Make a better tomorrow for you and your loved ones.

  13. 33


    Thanks for the update of your journey.I really appreciate the efforts you have made for this article.And really this is really a wonderful idea to make our valentine day very much special and romantic.

  14. 37


    Those are super cool. too bad I didn’t come across this few months back :( My girl friend would have loved them. Oh well, next year I guess. thanks for the information. Cheers

  15. 39


    Wow,cool. Just what I needed with valentines next week. Awesome stuff. Diamonds does really work. I’m talking with experience :) Undies will be a great idea too

  16. 41

    Darvin @ Inexpensive Gifts for Men says

    I’ve missed this valuable Valentine’s Day knowledge for the past two years, but I have found it just in time for 2010! I love the suggestion for Valentine’s Day ideas. They are both eco-friendly and even organic in some cases… perfect.
    .-= Darvin @ Inexpensive Gifts for Men´s last blog ..Gift Ideas for Men for Valentines Day =-.

    • 43

      Green Talk says

      Jenn, would you mine Digging it for me? Just hover over the share this icon at the bottom of the post. I would really appreciate it. Anna


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