16 Ways to Reuse Your Food Scraps and Leftovers

Food scrap and leftover use

Admittedly, I  can be a  food waster.   Sometime I have no idea what is in glass jar #1 or #2. (Or #3 or #4)  Even Carol Merrill doesn’t know what is behind that curtain.  (Oh come on, you don’t remember her from Monty Hall’s Let’s Make a Deal?) But over the years,  I started to look at food differently and tried to use everything from leftovers to food scraps to cut down on my food wasting habits.   Listed below are some food waste busting tricks you can use with help from my fellow women eco-warriors.  

 How to Use Food Scraps

How to Reuse Leftover Food

  • Only need a tablespoon of tomato paste but still have a can full of paste?  How to deal with leftover tomato paste. (Green Talk)
  • Leftover sweet potatoes?  No problem.  Read here on how to use them in other recipes. (Natures Mom)
  • Still have a rice leftover from last night’s dinner.  Read ways to reuse it in different recipes. (Natures Mom)

How to Use Food that is Ready to Spoil

How to Prevent Food from Spoiling

Other Alternatives

Not sure what to do with your leftovers?  Julie of Green Philly Blog suggests using a  website like Supercook to create a recipe based upon what you have in the refrigerator (Green Philly Blog)

Join the conversation:

  • How do you use your food scraps?
  • How to repurpose your leftovers?

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    Being thrifty was how I was raised. I love leftovers, we often cook extra and plan meals with them. Bits of left over cooked vegetables are saved, then I add them to the next veg I cook. Left over carrots, added to peas for example.

    I often make a bake a pan of chicken pieces in the over and I freeze the drippings.This makes the best ever chicken soup.
    Melody´s last blog post ..3 Good Reasons Why You Should Eat What’s In Season

  2. 3


    Thanks for featuring my scrap sauce post!

    If milk is about to hit its expiration date, I use it to make yogurt (I have a tutorial on how to do that here: http://www.creativegreenliving.....-your.html)

    I also save chicken bones and scaps from chopping veggies (celery bottoms, pepper stems, carrot tops, etc) in a bag in my frezer to make my own chicken stock 2-3 times a year which I can in a pressure canner. Free and healthier than store bought!
    Carissa Bonham´s last blog post ..Make Recycled Paper Pumpkins

  3. 5

    John B. says

    I generally use all my food scraps for my garden, because it is the easiest way how to do it.

    I admit I have problems with spoiling food. It happens to me because I´m a vegan, so there are no frozen products in my home.

    I started to love pick your own stuff farms. It makes things more simple and is easier for me to get the freshest stuff without any problems. So sad that winter is coming.

  4. 7


    I put my excess and unused coffee grounds in my compost.

    As for leftover meat with bones in it, I just heat it and mix it in my dog’s meal. He loves to dig those bones and helps break out the chain of him eating only the usual food like Pedigree and Alpo.
    Amanda´s last blog post ..A Great Sleep Is Priceless

  5. 9


    We recently dehydrated a bushel of apples. We prefer them without the skins but that left us with a bunch of skins & cores .. a few too many to put in the compost and I couldn’t bring myself to toss them. So I popped them all in a pan and, on low heat, cooked them down. when they were fully cooked, I ran them through the blender and then a strainer. We ended up with the best apple butter. Very little of the pulp was tossed. Out of a whole bushel of apples, I would say no more than a 1/2 cup of pulp was tossed.
    Cyndi´s last blog post ..Especially For You!

  6. 15


    The Jora composter will take all your foos scraps and turn into gold within a month. These composters work well as they are well insulated and are turned each and every time you feed them.
    The compost is weed free and owner of the house or condo knows exactly what has been out into the compost.


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