Feelgoodz Flip Flops Make your Feet Eco-luriously Happy

Feelgoodz Cumulus Flip Flop
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When I received an email asking if I would try  Feelgoodz Flip Flops, I was a little hesitant.  Could I honestly judge how they feel when I have never been a big fan of flip flops?  Your feet feel like they have been walking on the road and the strap between your toes is so uncomfortable. To be honest, I never understood how people could walk around with flops on all day.

So why did I decide to try them?  Kyle Berner’s passion for life.   He describes himself as  a self proclaimed flip-flop-wearing  kind of guy, and  left his desktop job for Thailand seeking adventure. He ended up teaching English in Thailand and soaking up the culture and its people.  While attending a market place searching for a new pair of flip flops, he discovered “Thailand’s most comfortable, all-natural rubber flip-flop.”  Natural latex is abundant in Thailand.  Shortly thereafter, Feelgoodz was born which combines his love of flip flops with the country that he adores.

You have to love this guy.  His philosophy:

“Mai Pehn Rai.” It’s Thai for “It’s cool, no worries, or take it easy,” and this is how we want to live our lives.† It’s our mantra, our lifestyle.† Adopting this philosophy helps us build a better business and a healthier lifestyle.

But this Flip Flop Company is not just a bunch of guys singing “Be Happy.”  They are doing their part for the environment as well.  The flip flops are  made of biodegradable natural latex. Only nontoxic dyes are used.  They also use only recycled paper and recycled flop hangers.  When your Flip  Flop wears out or you just get tired of them, send them back to the Company and they give them to worm farms.

That’s not all.  The Company believes in giving back.

“One reason we started this business was to give back to the people of Thailand. It is imperative that our Thai employees are treated fairly.  We don’t condone child labor.  We demand fair wages.  We expect proper working conditions. Currently, there are no natural rubber fair trade programs set in place, and therein lies part of our cause.”

To that end, the Company has distributes 3 percent of its profits to fair trade, environmental, and micro-lending organizations.  In addition, the Company also plans on developing an infrastructure that creates a healthy economy in Southeastern Asia.

Feelgoodz eco-friendly Flip Flops

So, back to my feet? I wore the sandals around and thought they were very comfortable.  They molded to my swollen feet and the strap did not burn my toes.  If I wasn’t  so self-conscious of my swollen feet, I would have worn them all day.  (I suffer from adolescent onset Lymphadema which causes my feet to swell especially in the summer.)  Show you how much I love you guys.  Who else would  put their swollen feet on their website?

Feelgoodz eco-friendly Flip Flop

See the picture above of how thick the Flip Flop is.

I  also love the different Flop colors available.  I choose the pink ones to try but there are eight other colors to choose from. (Don’t all gals love pink?)

My only problem with the sandals is that they run a little small.  I ordered a size 7 flop and perhaps I should have ordered a 7 1/2.  My feet were at the end of the sandal.  Berner told me use the following as a guide when choosing the appropriate woman  size:

American size 6-7.5 – Thai 9.5

American size 7.5-9 – Thai 10

American size 9-10 – Thai 10.5

American size 10-11 – Thai 11

He explained that I might have been border line and perhaps should have ordered the size up.  My advice is order a size up just to make sure they fit properly.  Loving the shoes  as much as I do?

Men, don’t fret.  You can order a pair too. Size start at size 5 and end at size 13.  You  can grab a pair (or two) at selected local retailers or the Company’s online store.  Priced at $19.99 . Just click on your choice of flip flops and the website will take you to a page where you can order your size.

Want Feelgoodz feet? I knew you would.  The Company has been very kind to offer one Green Talk reader (male or female) your choice of  Feelgoodz Flip Flops.    Here are the rules:

  • You must be over 18 and live in the US.
  • Leave me a comment here telling me about why you love to wear flip flops.   If you don’t have a specific reason, just say so.
  • To double your chances consider joining my Feedburner email list or subscribe to my RSS feed. Both subscriptions are listed on the upper right hand column. Be sure to come back and leave a separate additional comment to tell me which one you joined. If you are already a member, just say so.
  • To triple  your chances of winning, twitter about this contest and come back and leave a separate additional comment of the url (weblink) of your twitter comment.
  • You must enter by October  23, 2009 6 PM EST time to win. A winner will be chosen at random on Monday, October 26, 2009.  Good Luck everyone!

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  1. 3

    Carol says

    I love wearing flipflops because I like the feeling of open toes and freedom, and plus, if I’m wearing flipflops, that means it’s warm!

  2. 7

    Melinda Henderson says

    i live in florida and of course LIVE in flip flops. i love the idea that these are made with a sustainable product and not oil.

  3. 8

    Heather H. says

    I love the feeling of freedom that I feel when I wear them…Plus I am lazy and they are the easiest to put on…
    jswandrn @ gmail.com

  4. 9

    Lori says

    I am a flip-flop wearer all summer long. I love them because I am constantly going in and out of the house throughout the day with the kids, so they are easy to slip on and off and it is no big deal if they get wet from morning dew, splashing water or sandy in the sandbox! I really like the concept of an eco-friendly pair for next summer!

  5. 19


    Flip flops feel good on the feet. They are very good to be worn around the house and also on the beach. Made of rubber, they cannot be harmed by the salty water.

  6. 22

    Andrea says

    I like the simplicity of flipflops and how easy it is to transition to inside/outside, beach/car… and in SoCal it’s almost always summertime.

  7. 23

    Nick Cosentino says

    I’ve never been a big fan of the flip flop. Although i am always intrigued by them. I always hope they will have improved but they usually seem to be the same old thing. From what I can see and have read, you have taken the parts of the flip flop that people don’t like and made them into an enjoyable sandal wearing experience. Bravo!

  8. 26

    Marci says

    What can I say? I live in Arizona so I practically wear flip flops all year round. They are really comfy when the temps soar into the 100′s.

  9. 30

    H Messing says

    You have piqued my interest because I am constantly in search of a pair of comfortable foot ware. I’ve never been much of a flip flop wearing person because I’ve never found them comfortable. However, with your endorsement, I’d love to try a pair!

  10. 33

    Lori Williams says

    I LOVE flip flops!! I wear them ALL YEAR ROUND!! Of course, when we have cold days in Florida, they don’t last that long….so I think my feet have just gotten used to the few “cold” days we have. I wear flip flops so much that whenever I have to put a pair of shoes/sneakers on, my feet hurt!! OUCH!! I’ll still with the flip flops!! Thanks!!
    .-= Lori Williams´s last blog ..Threadless Tshirt Giveaway at jaypeeonline.net =-.

  11. 38

    melissa mc says

    i wear flip-flops year-round : both inside and out during the summer, and only inside in the fall/winter — thank you for the chance!

  12. 40

    Karen C. says

    I started to wear flip flops back when they cost about 79 cents and my Mom would give us money to pick out one pair at the local market as to get ready for the hot humid summers in Pennsylvania! I have loved them ever since!
    (flip flops not humid summers!!)

  13. 41

    sito says

    I live in flip flops during the summer. They’re easy to slip on as I’m leaving the house — and easy to slip off when I get where I’m going. I also like that I can wear them in the rain and slop through puddles with them and it doesn’t adversely affect their wearability.

  14. 55


    I am a flipflop fanatic. My feet fel so much better, and fresher in flip flops. I live in a cold winter climate, and if my feet would’t freeze, I’d wear them year round.
    .-= Sandy M´s last blog ..SkyWatch Friday =-.

  15. 57

    Kimberly Murat says

    I love to wear flip flops because I recetly “taught” myself how to walk in them! I had a medical issue when I was very young that left it ialmost impossible to wear backless shoes or flip flops. Determined, I practiced and practiced and managed to work it out! I would especially appreciate a pair of these because the molding to your foot part is extra helpful for me !

  16. 62


    Flip flops is the way to go, especially in the summer when it’s hot. My girl friend even wore them for her wedding. They complimented her really well. I love all kinds of flip flops. My most favorite pair is retired now, but had them since our honeymoon. They were purple and had orange and black geckos on them as a design.

  17. 64


    I own a pair of these awesome flip-flops. I have never received a blister while wearing these. I have the pink ones! I love the fact that they are not only comfortable but also a go-green product!!!!

  18. 66

    Kim Johnson says

    OK, here’s the honest truth, and I am not just trying to get a free pair of flip-flops! I live in Nebraska, and it is COLD in the winter, but if the snow is not on the ground, and I am just dashing around in a semi warm car, I even wear flip flops in December, I love them soooo much. I had a comfy pair I wore alot that always made my feet black. (This was before my awareness of flipflop toxins) and I wondered why. Did this stop me from wearing them? NOOOO, until I found that flip flops from Walmart (a.k.a. china in the us) can leak toxins into the bloodstream of the wearer. Now, I will only wear safe flip-flops, or those not made in China. Funny now, Walmart carries flipflops that don’t even show where they were made. DANGEROUS!!! But, back to the contest. I love flip flops sooo much that I wear them every single chance I get, so I would love a pair that does so much for so little. If I don’t win one, I am sure I will buy some! What a great idea, what a great company, what a great product!!! Thanks for the chance!

  19. 71


    I like the fact that the company distributes 3 percent of its profits to fair trade, environmental, and micro-lending organizations. That makes their flip flops more attractive in a competitive market.

  20. 72

    Mary says

    I love flip flops in the summer. It usually takes me some time to break them in so these sound great. And I absolutely love that they are green. Flip flops mean summer to me. flip flops, cut offs, ice tea, ahhhh, summertime.

  21. 74

    Kat Emerick says

    I love wearing Flip-Flops. I have a few of then in fact I am wearing a pair right now, lime green with a flower on top.


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