Green Video Competition Entertains & Raises Enviro Awareness

Green Viral Video Enviromental Competition.

Green Viral Video Competition. Vote for your Favorite.

Long time Green Talk reader,  sustainability consultant Mary Reilly asked me to feature the Viral Green Video Project, a competition of short  environmental videos.  The purposes of the competition is to create viral videos “that educate, entertain, and raise awareness about the facts governing sustainability.”  You can’t miss the Recycling Rap video.

Be sure to support these young directors and watch their videos on VGV’s YouTube page.  The video with the most pageviews is part of the judging criteria. The competition ends January 15, 2013, and the winner receives a $1000.

Listed below are some of the videos I enjoyed:

Recycling Rap Video with Flare

The recycling rap video really stood out among the entries.  It was clever, fun, and most of all entertaining while driving home a message about the benefits of recycling.  Please watch it and give this director some love in the competition.  In some ways it reminded me of old Coca-Cola commercials.

Hurricane Sandy Wrath on Old Trees

Drew University’s video features Hurricane Sandy’s devastation of  beautiful old campus  trees.  If Hurricane Sandy wasn’t the poster child for Climate Change, then no one is.  It is heart wrenching to see these beautiful trees laying on the ground.

Women Will Change the World

Lastly, although the League of  Extraordinary Women video didn’t receive many votes, it is a must watch.  Honestly, not because of its content but to hear the moderator of the group sing.  Her character is  Lady Gaga and boy can this young girl  belt a tune.  Someone get this girl an agent.

Join the Conversation:

  • What video did you enjoy and why?
  • Was I right about the Lady Gaga impersonator’s voice?

Picture via Viral Green Video Project.


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