A Scent to Remember As Seventh Generation Unveils Scented Dish Soap

The Scent

The Scent


Do certain scents bring back memories of a happy or carefree time in your life?  Does a particular perfume remind you of how your mother smelt when she tucked you in at night?  Or how the smell of the ocean reminded you of how you would endlessly play in the surf?

Scents are powerful.  They trigger memories, calm your mind, and invoke a blissful feeling.  Seventh Generation  understands the power of scent.  They created three new scented dish liquid products:  lavender and mint,  lemongrass and clementine zest,  and fresh citrus and ginger.  In addition, they offer a free and clear product for those of you who prefer a clean, non-scented smell.  Why shouldn’t you love washing your dishes?

In conjunction with the release of their new line of scented dish liquids, they asked what scents in nature do I love and where those scents take me.  That was easy.  For me, there is only one scent that has left an indelible imprint in my memory.  One that takes me back to my childhood.

 What’s My Fond Memory Scent?

Anna, what kind of scent could have that impact?

Well, I am glad you asked.  For me, it is the smell of lilac blooms.  The scent of the flowers are so intoxicating and bring back memories of when I was a little girl fighting against taking a nap.  Perhaps I was three or four?

Just to give you some background, I grew up in the sixties.  My favorite past-time was playing with my barbies.   My poor little sister was always forced to play dolls with me.

She hated playing dolls with me.  Barbie became her arch enemy.  When we were told we had to take naps, she was relieved since naps were her doll playing reprieve. (Her “get out of jail free card.”)

In the sixties, children were raised with routines. Like clockwork, at a certain time of the day, I was put in  my room to take my afternoon nap. Shades were drawn.   It was time to take a nap, I was told.

I would climb into bed and drape the cool sheet and blanket up to my neck and wait for the nanny to close my door.  She assumed that I would take a nap. This was often not the case. I wasn’t a good napper.

There I was in my room being fidgety as ever.   I would climb in and out of bed.  Play with my pajama.  I would do anything other than nap.  For some odd reason one day, I became fascinated with the white sheer curtains as they danced in the breeze.  Up and down. Up and down.

As the breeze blew,  the shade kept making a lumping sound as it hit the window and lawn mowers hummed in the background. The sun would continue to peek through the shade as it bounced up and down.  I was totally entranced.

Then I smelled it.

The most beautiful smell engulfed my room.  I drank in that beautiful smell as if someone had handed me a glass of chocolate milk.  Funny thing, it was the last thing I remembered of that memory.  I must have fallen asleep, but I never forgot that smell.

If my mother only knew the effect lilacs had on me as a little girl she would have bottled it.    I would have been given a teaspoon of ” lilac juice” every night since I was (and still am) a perpetual night owl.

But it wasn’t the last time I smelled lilac blooms.  I remember several times in my teenage years smelling the scent of lilacs and saying to myself, “oh yeah. That’s the same smell that I loved as a child.” I never knew where the smell came from, and  just chalked it up to Spring.   It wasn’t until I planted my own garden that I realized it was the smell of lilacs that I adored.  My landscaper planted lilacs by the house and told me they would bloom in the spring.

Then one Spring, I smelt that delicious scent.  

Now, every spring, you can find me with my face in the blooms smelling their beautiful scent.   They trigger that memory of the  little girl who swung on her swing set for hours and never had to worry about carpools,  laundry, or paying the bills.   She just had to worry about if her little sister threw out her Barbies when she wasn’t looking.   The little girl who hated to take naps.

Seventh Generation’s Sweepstakes to Paris, Italy or Vermont

Lemongrass and Clementine Zest

Lemongrass and Clementine Zest

So, I can totally understand why Seventh Generation is so excited about their new line of  liquid dish soap.  In fact, they are sponsoring a sweepstakes for one winner and guest to fly to Italy, France or Vermont (winner’s choice) for four nights.  (Read the official rules here.) Why are they offering such a fabulous trip?  So, that you can learn about the origins of the featured ingredients in their line of new dish soaps.

Who wouldn’t want to lie in a lavender field in France?  (Pick me. Pick me.)  How about venturing to Italy to stroll through a clementine orchard.   (Pick me. Pick me.)  Heck, I will carry the winner’s luggage and do their laundry to just visit France or Italy.

So make sure you enter by December 31, 2011 and don’t forget my offer to come along to carry your bags.

Join the Conversation:

  • What is your favorite scent that trigger a memory of long ago?
  • What memory does this scent invoke?
  • Am I the only one who adores the smell of lilacs?
  • Which one of Seventh Generation’s new soap lines would you like to try?  (Mine would be lavender.)

Disclaimer:  I was compensation for writing  this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Seventh Generation blogging program. For more information on how you can win a gift card worth $50 by participating, click here.



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