Anna Hackman, Co-founder of the Green Sisterhood and Green Talk


Welcome to Green Talk.  I am so glad you are here.  In a nutshell, Green Talk is all about the conversation on how to live a greener lifestyle and  business.  I am the lucky one who gets to start the conversation and I hope all of you will jump right in to give me your experience, feedbacks, expertise, questions, or share a story.

When I started Green Talk April, 2007, I intended it to be about green building since I had just completed building an eco-friendly house in 2005. We started building this house in 2003, and you can’t imagine how many people rolled their eyes at me as I mentioned alternative green building products.

Green was new and I needed a community, so I started Green Talk with the intent to help those baby steppers and seek out those who already made huge leaps.  Well four years later, Green Talk has mushroom into a green living and green business guide complete with a multitude of different articles.  And yes, a community of loyal readers.

Why Should You Subscribe to Green Talk?

Well you probably read the first couple of paragraph and said, “what’s in it for me?” or “why should I subscribe to this blog?”  A couple of different reasons:

  • Every article comes from with my own perspective. I have been on my green journey over a decade with suitcases of experiences.  Built an eco-friendly house. Done it.  Built an organic garden.  Done it.  Queen of Recycling. Done it.  Consulted with Businesses.  Done it.  So on and so on.  I am sure you got the picture.
  • I ask a lot of tough questions. I really want to know why a product is green and does it work.   It is in my nature as a lawyer by training.
  • I believe in community and everyone who visits, comments, and subscribes has something valuable to contribute.  I just don’t sit on the sidelines. I converse with my commenters. You can always talk to me on Facebook or Twitter too.
  • I am not afraid to say I don’t know and continue to learn.
  • I offer many different type of articles so there is something for everyone.  You might be surprised and think you only want to learn one thing but will come away from the blog learning lot of other green tools.

What Can you Expect on Green Talk

Over 500 Article and counting along with podcasts and videos about living greener.  The site is ever changing and growing. But the aim still remains the same.  Helping those who are taking baby steps to encouraging participation from those who already have made large leaps.  We are Community here at Green Talk.  We all help each other.   Right now the topics include:

  • Green Building
  • Green Business
  • Green Decor and Household Products
  • Green Living
  • Recycling Information and Products
  • Organic Gardening
  • Technology

But, Who Am I?

Well, I will tell you I am not the Wizard of Oz hiding behind a curtain. I am a real person just like you.  I wear many hats, just like you.  Just think of me as your next door neighbor that always has something interesting to tell you or always has an ear when you need to talk to someone.

If you really want the full story about how I began my green journey in the late nineties, read my green journey. Many of you will totally relate since my kids were the catalyst to my change.

So who am I?

  • I am a Mom of four boys. (And totally gray underneath my colored hair.)
  • Retired Lawyer (practiced 15 years before I couldn’t handle kids and a practice.)
  • Sustainability Consultant ( I love saving business money by being green.)
  • Green Building Lover (now a LEED AP)  My first green love.  I find everything about green building fun.  I find sub-floors, caulk, and heating systems sexy.  Okay, admit it.  Some of you are right there with me
  • Organic Gardner (okay, obsessive organic gardener.  Plant lovers, you know what I am talking about.)
  • Soft Spot for Green Entrepreneurs.  I love to tell their stories and why they are so passionate about their products.
  • Affecionada of Green Decor and Household products.  I swoon over fabrics and furniture.  I just don’t have the talent to put it all together.  Doesn’t mean I can’t love from afar.
  • On the other hand, I love anything re-purposed
  • Avid Recycler with less than one bag of trash a week. Working on that as well
  • Eco Connector.  I just have this nack for connecting people to people.  Concepts to people. I offer this as part of my sustainability consultancy.
  • Vegetarian since August 2011.  Working on being Gluten Free.
  • Loyal Friend.  I am here for each and everyone of you who come to my site.  I answer questions.  Look for help from all of you.  You might think of me as a Guru but Guru still learn too.  In the four years that Green Talk has been around, I have learned so much from all of you.  Am I am honored every day by your comments and input.
  • Loves Comments on her articles. I am so Sally Fields.  (“You love me.  You really do.”) I love the interaction.  Don’t be shy. I answer back.
  • Someone who Believes We Can Make a Difference.  Yep, Queen Crusader here.  I am passionate, sometimes funny (my family doesn’t think so I put the word, “sometimes”), heart-felt, and downright serious at times.  I laugh at myself. And it is okay for you to laugh at me too. Laughter is great.  Isn’t it?
  • Now, co-founder of the Green Sisterhood, a group of 23+ savvy  influential green women bloggers whose goal is to help green companies to increase their reach.

Whew!  I wear alot of hats, just like you.  I told you we were alike.

What am I trying to promote?

  • Hope:  If we all band together WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I believe that  if we purchase green products and demand changes, our world will change.  Companies follow the trends and where the money is going.  If we only buy green, Corporate America will start producing green.  We can turn this world around.  But it begins with the conversation.  Each of us have to help each other learn and grow. As I mentioned above, I am just the lucky one who gets to start the conversation.  Want to start your own, go ahead.
  • Health:  I am Ms. “I hate toxic chemicals.”  You will see many articles about how to avoid toxic chemicals in your products. I ask the hard questions of any of the products reviewed on this site.  I believe what you eat, wear, and what you put on your body is very important.  I also believe what you bring into your home is equally important.  This is the main reason why I built an eco-friendly home seven years ago and continue to furnish it in only an eco-friendly manner.
  • Happiness:  If we start living a more environmentally friendly, simpler life, we will be happy.  Isn’t this what life is about?  Feeling love and happiness?  I know that might sound artsy, fartsy.  Take a moment and  think about your fondness memories and tell me that those two feelings aren’t the center of the memory. I introduce how to live more frugal, going back to basics, and re-purposing what you have.  Besides my garden being my sanity, it has helped me to learn more of how to live a simpler life such as drying my own herbs, dehydrating,  and preserving my own food.

What Do you Want Out of This Site?

Don’t be afraid to ask me a question through the comments or on my contact form.  I really answer my questions and may ask if you if it is okay to post it as an article since someone is thinking the same thing too. Want to talk to me on Facebook or Twitter?  No problem.

Plus, weeding through 500 plus articles is hard and I bet I have already talked about a topic already. I am kind of a babbler mouth.  Haven’t you figured out that I love to talk (hence this long “About” article.)  Someone once told me I could talk to a wall and it would answer back.

Please tell me if I misspell anything, typos, or  any type of site feedback.  I am a little green colorblind to the site, and I love it. I don’t see the site like you do so I need some help to make it easy to navigate.  Also, if you disagree with me and think I am totally wacky.  That’s okay.  Just be polite about your disagreement with me or commenters on the site.  I only remove spam or people who are overtly rude.

Want a Piece of Me? (Um, in a good way.)

That’s okay.  I hear you.  I offer one on one counseling to green your home from your pantry to your leaky house.  I can also help you with any green building project.  You know I love green building products.

In addition, I can green your business as well, and we are not talking changing out a few light bulbs.  See Hire Me for more information.  Your return on investment will be so much higher than I charge.

What Do I Need You to do?

Subscribe to the Green Talk!  What are you waiting for?  Join and become a part of the Green Talk community.

Happy reading! Anna Hackman, Editor and Founder of Green Talk.