Guest Posting Guidelines

Before You Write Read Below

Before You Write Read Below


We love guest posts and we encourage them provided you meet our guidelines listed below.

Why Guest Post on GT?

  • Exposure, Exposure, Exposure.  Green Talk has 25,000+ plus monthly views excluding all its other communities (Fan Page, Twitter, Ning, etc.)  In addition, the web site has been around for 5 1/2 years so it is known in the industry.
  • Add the guest post to your resume.  Everyone wants to have a press page.  Be seen on Green Talk.
  • Drive traffic to your blog.
  • Another link that Alexa loves.  Linking to other blogs helps your SEO value.  Green Talk is a Page Rank 4.
  • Get your green brand on.  Branding yourself as a green expert to people who will love you.  Green Talk has a loyal group of followers who will eat up all of your green goodness.

Here’s the Rules:

We receive numerous  guest post requests.  Everyone wants a piece of Green Talk, and we completely understand.  In order to catch our eyes, we will only accommodate guests posts from the following:

  • Green not for profits
  • Writers who write about green living, organic garden, green building, or green business.
  • I don’t accept guest posts from writers who want a backlink to a business other than their personal blog in their bio.  We offer advertising for that purpose.  See our guidelines.
  • On a selected basis, we will accept guest posts from green blogs but not green businesses who have a blog.  (For example, someone who sells a product, service, etc.)
  • Authors who are promoting a book about sustainability, the environment, or anything environmentally friendly.
Please present us with your ideas before writing a post.  We don’t want you to spend the time if that topic has already been covered here.

Post Guidelines:

  • Post must be a minimum of 500 words.
  • Only original, non-spinned content is permitted.  We check to see if your content is in other places.
  • All facts must be supported by hyperlinks or footnotes.  Wikipedia is not a proper source.  All sources are checked because we have a reputation.  (In a good way…)
  • Include a picture at the beginning of the post.
  • Preferred html of the post with the picture from Flickr or other sources.  We don’t want to upload pictures.
  • Topics must be in tune with Green Talk.
  • Only two links are permitted to your blog.  One of them should be in your biography at the end of the article.
  •  We encourage linking to articles on Green Talk.  This is the way to capture our heart.  It means you took time to read what Green Talk.  If you can’t find articles that you can hyperlink to, just ask us.  There are 700 plus articles on Green Talk.  And we know every single, picky article by heart.
  • Include a picture of yourself. We like to include it at the end of the article so our readers can see who wrote the post. We are really visual.
  • Use subheading to break up your content by using H2 heading.  If you don’t know how to do this, just include your subheadings and we will edit the post.
  • Good grammar, punctuation, and style is important to us. We won’t print articles that are poorly written.
  • Do not include searchable anchor text in your articles.

We reserve the right to edit your post by adding hyperlinks from Green Talk or other relevant sources.  In addition, we might add our two sense to give the article our perspective.

Look forward to working together.

Photo by Yortw