AirCut: Could Cutting Your Own Hair Lower Your Footprint?


I received in my inbox  a PR notice about AirCut, a hair trimmer with a vacuum bag.  To be honest, I did not really read the entire email because I wasn’t sure why this item would be considered green.  Many times I receive PR releases about products that just plain upset me because the person sending it has no idea about my website. Hello PR People, the name of the blog, Green Talk.  Does that give you   a clue?  Being the polite person that I am, I respond by explaining that I am a green blogger, as in the environmental kind, not just someone who likes the color green.

I received a response that in fact this particular PR person did read my blog and thought his product had a green angle.   See AirCut haircutter  can not only save you money since you don’t have to run to the barber shop every time you need a hair cut, but  it reduces your carbon footprint somewhat since you aren’t driving as much.   You still are using electricity to power the unit but it is probably easier to cut your hair with this device than a pair of  low carbon scissors. The  question is how much?

The trimmer comes with the following:

  • AirCut Haircutting Device
  • Set of 8 Straight Stylers from 4″ to 1/2″
  • 1/2″ Tapered Styler
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Lubrication Oil
  • AC Transformer
  • Filter
  • Cover

AirCut Haircutting System-How Aircut Cuts a Crew CutThe most amazing videos are a click away

When I think of trimmers, I think of crew cuts.  As I watched the demos on cutting short to longer hair, I was amazed how simple it looked to cut hair.  (See the above video of a man giving himself a haircut.) Plus, it is the size of a dryer and can easily be taken with you on a trip. Now, realize I am not a hairdresser or profess to knowing anything about cutting hair, so if you have an expertise, jump right in.

The AirCut haircutter can be ordered through the website or  purchasedat select online retailers for $119.95. (Personally, this sounds pricey to me.  Again, jump in one way or the other in the comment section.)

How does it save you money?

“In today’s economy, people are looking for ways to cut costs and cutting your own hair or your kids hair at home is a simple way to save,” said Norm Yerke, inventor of the AirCut haircutter. “For a family, the AirCut haircutter could easily save thousands. It’s a tremendous value when you think of how much you spend driving to the barber, paying for haircuts and giving the barber a tip, it makes so much sense to use the AirCut haircutter instead. It only takes most people five or six haircuts to pay for itself – for a dad with a couple of sons, it can be paid for in just two rounds of haircuts – plus there’s no making an appointment or waiting around.”

A year ago, my husband started cutting my sons’ hair with a trimmer.  Did they complain.  Yes.  Dad did an okay job and they thought the barbers did a better job.  Anytime they went to the barber, my husband remarked he did a better job on their hair.  I have to agree.  Was it perfectly coiffed by him? A few straggly pieces here and there, but it was sure convenient.  No need to drive across town.  Less time waiting. And best of all so much cheaper.  Barber haircuts for us cost $16 per head without tip. Salons charge more.

In addition, the vacuum bag collects the hair as you cut making it easier to dispose of the hair and you no longer have that itchy feeling from haircuts.

What can you do with the hair?

Watch the demos on how it works and tell me, Readers, would you use an Air Cut? What’s your thought on this device?

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    • 3

      Green Talk says

      Condo Blues, I guess the company thinks it is green because you don’t need to get in the car to get your hair cut. What is a Flowbe? A weed wacker, now that’s funny! Anna

  1. 4

    Mussa says

    The Aircut works well on my hair (wavy, not really curly, cut at about 3″ for some years now). A Flowbee worked well, too, for a few years, but is fairly awkward and bulky, and requires a vacuum cleaner. I thought I’d try the Aircut. It’s only as bulky as a large hair dryer.
    My Aircut has been good for about 18 months of haircuts. However, now the blades are not cutting cleanly, but frizzing the ends of my hair. I contacted Aircut, they do not sell new bladesets, so the whole Aircut kit,; machine itself, a lot of spacers, AC adaptor, wire and packaging, must be thrown away, and a new kit bought. Aircut’s reply included the observation that Aircut blades don’t get dull.
    Flowbee bladesets are available at $25+ shipping. They look a lot like Aircut bladesets, but are bigger, and do not fit an Aircut. Guess how I know.
    So your choice is: a Flowbee that is bulky, but takes replaceable blades, or an Aircut that must be entirely replaced, according to Aircut., though I’ve now had one apart, and it wouldn’t be that big a deal, mechanically, to sell parts. Logistically? Welcome to the global economy.
    The Aircut is still cheaper and more convenient by far than using a barber, but it is a bit of an ecological disaster. Short-sighted thinking – and delusional, if the designers actually believe the blades don’t get dull.


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