Are You a MomRising Mother of the Decade?


Congrads are in order, people. I was named Mother of the Decade by MomRising.  (Click on the link.  I couldn’t embed the video.) Yep. Moi. Even Hillary Clinton and Michele Obama gave speeches about why I was named mother of the decade.  It is truly humbling.

You shouldn’t be too surprised. Saving the planet is hard work. Belting out equally amazing posts each day is even harder.

But with a snap of my fingers like Bewitched, it is all done in a day work. Kelly of the Regis and Kelly has nothing on me in the amazing department.

Okay. Okay. I know I have you going there. MomRising produced another video for Mother’s Day which Janelle Sorensen of Healthy Child, Healthy World sent me. In fact, you can take the above link and make up a video for all the amazing moms that you know. I know alot and I am sure you do too. Just giving birth is incredible on its own right.

So, wish your own Mom, friends, and other family members with a revised version of this video, and don’t forget to support the amazing moms at Momrising, working hard to keep us all informed and safe in this crazy world.

Happy Mother’s Day to each of you. By the way, contrary to what the video said, no I don’t always get a chance to shower every day.  It’s not because of being green.  Who has time?

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    Anna Hackman what an inspiration and the accolade is certainly well deserved. I wonder though in given you this award does it somehow diminish the work you are doing and focus on your achievement s rather than what was done to realize your award.


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