25+ Recipes for Tomatoes to Cure the Tomato Glut

Tomato Recipes

Although summer is over, my tomatoes are still going strong–especially the cherry tomatoes!  I have been scratching my head.   What do I do with all these tomatoes?  Sure, you can those tomatoes but how many cans of tomatoes can you use? (Sounds like Peter picked a pepper.)  Listed below are some creative ways to [...]

Don’t Pitch the Old Toothbrush! 12 Ways to Reuse.

Reusing Old Toothbrush

I love figuring out ways to reuse or re-purpose items that ordinarily go into the trash. One item that I treasure is an OLD toothbrush. Every six months, the dentist hands us new toothbrushes. Normally, you would throw the old one in the trash.  Right?  Wrong.  Old toothbrushes are amazing tools for cleaning stains on [...]

How to Make Kale Powder. Good for Your Health and Save $.

How to Make Kale Powder

Dehydrating kale, collard greens, and other greens are the easiest way to preserve your harvest. Learn how HERE. Once your kale and other greens are dehydrated, you might be wondering–what do you do you do with them?  Turn them into powder to add to your smoothies, eggs, muffins, soup, and more!  Learn how below.  (Be [...]

How to Choose the Most Energy Efficient Windows

How to Choose the Most Energy Efficient Windows

When examining ways to save money as a homeowner, a great starting point is to evaluate your home’s windows. Replacing old or inefficient windows will save money on your electricity bill, and with winter arriving in the coming months, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at the windows in your home.  If it is time [...]

Dehydrating Kale and Greens to Preserve Your Harvest.

dehydrate your kale and collard greens

Growing kale and collard greens are the gifts that keep on giving.  They are biannual plants which seed the second year and bless you with tons of baby seedlings–all over your garden. I mean ALL over your garden.  In fact, I have found kale seedlings as far as 300 feet from their original location.   [...]

Longwood Gardens: A Trip for the Soul

Longwood Gardens Sign

I love birthdays! Every year I spend the day with hubs at an arboretum of my choice.  The New York Botanical Garden was last year’s birthday trip where I learned  all about roses! This year we went to Longwood Gardens which is known for being one of THE GARDENS to go to. I wasn’t disappointed. [...]

Removing Beans from Pods Using the Dryer

Removing Beans from Pods

I hate removing dry beans from their pods.   I plant at least four beds of beans every year.  I complained in one of my YouTube videos that bean removal process was a big time hog.   One of my YouTube reader told me to use my dryer for faster shucking.  Shoot me now.  Learn why [...]

How to Store Used Coffee Grounds +Reuse Tips

Used Coffee Grounds

I love used coffee grounds and save them.  As Tony the Tiger says, they are GREAT in the garden.  In fact I bet you didn’t know that I was a frequent stalker at Starbucks waiting for them to put their used grounds in the gardener bin pick-up?  Unfortunately, I was competing against super gardener athletes [...]