6 Foods You Can Freeze! I Bet You Didn’t Know.

foods you can freeze

My freezer and I are BFF (best friends forever.) Seriously. She opens her arms and says, “Anna, what do you have for me today?” She knows how much my garden harvest means to me and over the years, has gone that extra, extra mile to delivers delectable thawed vegetables. So, I bet you have a […]

Why Soak Nuts. Health+Taste Benefits

Soaking nut

Over the last couple of years, my family has made diet changes based on our health issues. I have been struggling with my gut issues for awhile. So, my family is eating fewer grains and more nuts from almond milk, almond flour, and raw nuts. While investigating my issues, I learned that their nut consumption might […]

Tap-n-Flush Toilet Water Conservation Device Review


  I love a device that could save water and money. Wouldn’t you? Over the years, I noticed that the cost of water keeps rising. So when Jeff Nasrallah, the inventor and owner of Tap-n-Flush, offered  me a toilet water conservation device to review, I immediately jumped at the chance to try it. So that […]

Freeze Cucumbers & Learn How to Use Them.

freezing cucumbers

I started off writing a post about all the food you can’t imagine that you can freeze–singing the praises of my freezer. But as I drafted the article, I realized very quickly I could spend a whole article simply talking about what to do with an overabundance of cucumbers! Now, I am not talking about […]

Carrot Ginger Soup: Health Benefits in Each Warm Slurp

carrot ginger soup

I adore anything carrot–especially carrot ginger soup. When I saw a recipe in Edible Jersey from Jess Niederer of Chickadee Creek Farm, Pennington, New Jersey using carrots and ginger together, I thought to myself–soothing and immune boosting. What is not to love?

Selling Cell Phones Online or at Stores. Keep out of Landfills.

Selling Your Cell Phones Online or at the Store

A week ago, I wrote about recycling, donating, or selling your electronics. Phones are probably the easiest to sell since many people upgrade their phones every two years. I left my old phones in a drawer for a year and never thought they would be worth anything–but I was wrong. So, go and get those […]

Flooring Choices: My Durability, Cost, & Environmental Perpective

Direct Buy Flooring Options

When we built our house ten years ago, the choice of the right flooring was a huge decision. Not only did we look at the environmental aspect of each flooring choice but we also took into account durability and cost. It wasn’t easy.  Listed below were our flooring choices.  (Be sure to check out the […]

How to Cook with Frozen Peppers from Summer Harvest

freeze peppers

I love growing and eating peppers. Unfortunately, pepper season ends around October in zone 6. So, how do I keep my pepper addiction alive during the winter? I freeze my summer harvest of peppers! Yep, I freeze them and use them the whole winter. Let me teach you how.