Barcelona Wake Up Call to Climate Meeting Attendees

Imagine what the sound of one thousand alarm clocks was like when they simultaneously rang at 8:30 in the morning as a “wake up” call to the attendees of the last international climate meeting before the major climate change summit in Copenhagen in December? The wake up call was organized by the TckTckTck campaign which represents over 200 development, humanitarian and environmental organizations.  Hundreds of Barcelona residents and conference observers provided the “wake-up” call.

TckTckTck Campaign Director Ben Margolis stated, “[w]e stand here today united to tell our leaders that time is running out to agree a fair, ambitious and binding climate deal.”  According to Tck Tck Tck Campaign press release, progress to date to thrash out the critical elements of an international agreement to fight climate change have been beset by unacceptable delay.

Margolis further stated, “Governments must commit to reducing emissions by 40 per cent from 1990 levels – making the deal ambitious enough to prevent catastrophic climate change.”  There should be clear consequences for those who fail to comply.

Let’s hope our international leaders heed the “wake up” call.  Show our leaders that we are ready for a climate change deal by adding  your name to the list of global citizens.

Photos by permission by Elrealizador. (Clocks) and (Banner)

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