Be Creative, Use Your Power Tools For Cooking

Use your power tools to create one delicious, creative dinner.  Huh?  No, I am not sipping a little of the sauce. Ask Duke DesRochers, the creative chef/handy man behind his Renaissance Man video (see above) as his entry to become the Next Food Network Star. Think Emeril Lagasse of Green Planet/Bob Villa with a little of bit of Jerry Seinfeld thrown in serving you a fixed table with a carrot spindle as part of the presentation.

Duke is Lorelle VanFossen’s cousin of Lorelle on WordPress fame (one of the blogs I follow).   Taking something you have to create something new is right up there in my book as being environmentally friendly.   Even if you can’t connect the dots on cooking and power tools, this is pretty darn creative.

Before you go run for your dusty old power tools, Duke warns wear protective eye ware and CLEAN your power tools well.  If you think Duke’s turning a potato into a cup topped with a sauce is pure genius, put a comment under his video at the Food Network site or view his video there.   Just think what he can do to an apple. Duke, perhaps a table?

Just think what a hit you will be at your next family gathering if you create some power drill master pieces?  Your family will never complain about your food again.  Priceless…

So, Readers, have you used something at your home that was a little unusual like Duke’s use of tools to help him cook?

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    Hi; Dukie here, Lately I have been experimenting with Gastropoda Desoceras Reticulatum, or more commonly refered to as the Garden Slug. There are many varietys around the world and many countries and cultures revere the slug as a sacred and vital food source. Here is what I have found out so far. Although the slugs does not perform well as a door stop, they do however make an excellent shoe horn… What? You think I was gonna eat those gross little tongues with a brain? Never. I’m no Andrew Zimmern of “Bizarrre Foods” on The Travel Channel. That guy has more balls than a cranberry bush!

    Dukes last blog post..Garden Slugs

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    Hi Green Talk: Thanks for the comment. Where I live in SW Washington, large green slugs are ubiquitous. I have often considered they would make a plentiful food source. Hence my idea for Canned Slug Stew, “Just Ad Salt”!

    Dukes last blog post..Garden Slugs

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    Thanks for showcasing my outrageous and talented cousin. What he does with food shouldn’t be legal, but it’s all edible and entertaining! Thanks!

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    Green Talk says

    Lorelle, you are welcome. Thanks for sharing him with your readers as well. He is amazing and I hope to see him on the Food Network! Anna


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