Blowing in the Wind is the New Future

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I always carry my camera these days since green is all around us. As we traveled through Pennsylvania my kids saw the turbines as we approached them on the highway. This is the first time I had a close encounter of the wind turbine kind.

Are these magnificent? I expected to see wind turbines spinning in a fast and furious manner, but these were spinning like a they were just day dreaming on a lazy summer day.

I guess wind turbines on the horizon will be like the new picket fences of yesterday beaconing us to a new prosperous tomorrow. Hopefully, more and more turbines will dot the horizon, and we can say goodbye to our petroleum oil dependency.

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    I dislike them immensely. They’re a blot on the landscape. We only have them because ‘nuclear’ is blasphemy to the middle classes.

    I doubt these things can physically generate enough power to keep a first-world society going. And their presence and construction degrades the landscape.

    France generates a lot of its power from nuclear stations, safely, but you don’t hear a peep about that.

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    If only everyone had the same love of wind turbines you have, we’d have a lot more. Unfortunately a lot of people think they are an eyesore that could bring down property value.
    I think they are incredible and to harness natural power instead of wasting dwindling resources is our best bet for a sustainable future.

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