Affordable Residential Solar, the SmartPower Way.

SmartPower Solarized House

For years solar was too darn expensive.  Companies like  One Block Off the Grid emerged and  introduced a new way to  purchase solar power using a cooperative model to lower the price. They have a tiered pricing structure . The more people who sin up the better the price of the system. Recently,  In Connecticut, SmartPower, using […]

Recycled Window House Married Beauty and Harmony

Recycled Window House

I have the most beautiful view of my valley and garden.  However, it is hindered by something called walls. But, with a little imagination and determination a house could embrace the beauty of Mother Nature such as is the case of photographer David Olson and designer Lilah Horowitz’s recycled window house.   The front facade of […]

Smart Window Film by Heliotrophe that Block Heat and Light

Heliotrope Smart Window Technology

Windows are one of the least energy efficient elements in a building.   Heliotrope Technologies seeks to change the “smart window” technology market to increase energy efficiency through the transmission of heat and light with the use of its specialized film.

Solar Power Demand Expected to Grow to 4.3 GW in 2013

US Solar Demand

According to the latest edition of NPD Solarbuzz North America PV Markets Quarterly, the demand of solar PV power (photovoltaics) in the U.S. will increase with about 20% compared to 2012. Much of the growth is thanks to California, Arizona, New Jersey and North Carolina – where 70% of the growth has taken place.

Eco Friendly Laminate Countertop Makeover

Rust-Oleum countertop transformation

One of my readers asked me how can she makeover her 1980’s  laminate countertop without disposing of it.   To add on a layer, she asked me how can she make this transformation eco-friendly.  I love the way she thinks. Don’t you? Honestly with all the great green countertops out there, it would be just […]

Green Concrete: Limestone Building Exterior Made of Beer Bottles

Building Made of Beer Bottles

One Million bottles of  beer on the wall. One Million bottles of beer on the wall.  Take one down, crush and spin it around, then there is… Okay, you get the picture.  In fact, Realm of Design used 500,000 beer bottles to create the limestone looking green concrete facade of their Nevada 30,000 square foot manufacturing […]

Green Building at its Finest at the Ford Rouge Factory

Ford Rouge front

When Ford knocked on my door to visit their headquarter in January, I hemmed and hawed  not because of Ford, but who wants to go to Detroit in January?  Can you say bone chilling? (Been there, done that.)  But they knew how to get a green building geek girl wobbly at the knees and beg for me.  Wave […]