World’s Largest Community Solar Farm Moves Forward

Westmill Solar Park Community

Welcome guest poster, Mathias Aarre Maehlum,  with part 2 of his recent community solar garden post: The idea of community-owned solar farms has been around for quite some time. Homeowners who aren’t eligible for solar panels because they don’t own their own roof or live in an apartment building, still have the chance to invest [...]

Furnace Replacement: Save Some Green with Higher Efficiency

Heating System Replacement

Welcome Guest Poster, Allan Lake, owner of Good Guys Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing.  He  provides some food for thought about whether it is time to replace your heating system: As a homeowner, deciding when to replace your furnace is one of the largest purchasing decisions you’ll have to make. This post will look at the main [...]

What Is a Community Solar Garden?


Welcome guest poster, Mathias: According to National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), only 1/5 households in America are suitable for residential solar panel installations. 4/5 households do either not have sufficient space or have shading issues, which simply means that solar panels are not feasible. Luckily things are about to change. In just a few years, community-owned [...]

Energy Efficient Dryer Vent: Love Your Dryer Again.

Heartland Dryer Vent Enclosure

Don’t you hate that blast of cold air from your dryer in the winter?  Me too.  So much so that a couple of years ago, I wrote about how much I loved my beloved energy efficient dryer vent.  This baby nips the cold in the bud and saves me some green on my energy bills. [...]

NJ Solar Farm: Largest East of the Mississippi. Powers 1500 Homes

NJ Oak Solar in Fairfield Township, New Jersey is the biggest non-utility owned solar farm of its kind east of the Mississippi with over 53,000 solar modules.  The farm is owned by Chicago-based Lincoln Renewable Energy.  Currently, the Company is developing several other projects and recently announced their joint venture with Samsung C&T Corporation. The $50 million, 12.5 MW [...]

Searaser – One Step Closer to Affordable Wave Power?

Welcome guest poster,  Mathias Aarre Maehlum. The team behind Searaser, a device that converts wave energy into useful electricity, claims it will generate electricity even cheaper than fossil fuels and coal. Are their claims rooted in reality, or is this just another hype within renewable energy? Let’s take a look closer at this technology. What [...]

Chimney Water Leaks Can Be Mistaken for Roof Leaks.

For six years, the roof around my chimney leaked.  People must have thought I was having an affair with my roofer since he was at my house so often.  No matter what he did, that darn roof leaked.  In fact, it got so bad that the leak started to drip through the second floor ceiling.  The drywall [...]

Continuous Solar Production Via Torresol Solar Thermal Energy’s Plants

  One of the problems I often heard discussed about solar and wind energy is there isn’t reliable cost effective storage options.  What happens when the sun isn’t shining that day or the wind isn’t blowing?   Torresol Energy’s Gemasolar in Spain is a  concentrated solar power plant that was built to solve this problem.  The Gemasolar [...]