5 Ways to Use Coffee Grounds for the Garden

Coffee Grounds for the Garden

I love coffee grounds and have been using them for years in the garden.  In fact, Starbucks became my best friend since they supply me with old coffee grounds.  So, over the years, I have used coffee grounds for the garden  in a variety of ways with some mishaps.    My favorite uses are as [...]

How to make Chive Vinegar

Chive vinegar

Every flower and leaf is up for grabs in my garden.  And chives flowers don’t get a reprieve.  For a couple of years I have watched my chive flowers bloom wondering what I can do with them.  I did throw some in my salad but I have at least 8 Chive plants!  So last year [...]

Garden Twitter Chat with Peaceful Valley & Green Sisterhood.

Peaceful Valley and Green Sisterhood Twitter Chat

What is more exciting then chatting about gardening?  Absolutely nothing.  And with Spring right around the corner,  this is an excellent time to get you thinking about growing your own food. (PS Those are my seedlings in the picture above. Aren’t they beautiful?)  I am so excited that Green Sisterhood is partnering with Peaceful Valley [...]

How to Grow Turmeric + Video

How to Grow Turmeric

Using turmeric in dishes provides immense health benefits.  If you want to take a stab at growing your own turmeric, it is pretty darn easy once the roots germinate.  It grows similar to ginger and you harvest the roots.  Unlike ginger,  you must harvest the entire plant when it matures.

Growing Onions from Seeds and Sets

Growing onion from seed

  Onions and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love them and they hate me.  I have attempted to grow onions from  seed or onion sets numerous times.  What do I get?  Puny onions!  Don’t get me started on red onions.  Talk about really small-why-did-I-bother-onions.

Growing Leeks From Seed

growing leeks from seed

During the month of February, I break out the old seed starter kit to grow onions and leeks.  In this article, I will focus simply on leeks.    So, why do I start my seeds so early?  Leeks have a long growing season. If you live in the north, you want to start them at [...]

Fragrant Roses. In search of the smell.

Fragrant Roses

This summer I decided to move my blueberry bushes from one bed to another.  They were not  thriving  in their current location.   They weren’t getting enough sun since that area was shaded from about 2 pm on.  So, over the last couple of months,  I stared at any empty section of my garden (picture [...]