Get Rid of Squash Bug Eggs with this Simple Hack

squash bug egg removal made easy

Who dislikes squash bugs?  Raise your hands.  I have 8 ways how you can keep those bugs at bay.  Well, if all your efforts fail, you still need to remove the eggs from the back of your leaves.  Why?  They can suck the life out of your squash leaves.  (Those little vampires.)  So every summer, [...]

Squash Bug Control: 8 Ways to Kick their Butts in the Garden

Squash bugs detrators

Squash bugs are notorious for destroying your pumpkins and squashes.  They suck the life out of your leaves.Then, they invade your house in the winter.  I am not sure who is worse–the squash bug or the squash vine borer.  (Learn some tricks on keeping the vine borer hopefully out of the garden.)  I think the [...]

Natural Weed Killers. Learn What Works.


I hate weeds.  You think you got them all and then suddenly, there is twice as many as you previously picked.  It’s maddening.  But the worse weeding is removing ones that are stuck between the itty bitty cracks of pavement, pavers, and sidewalks.  Crabgrass and dandelions adore these spaces.  Instead of cursing them, banish them [...]

Prevent Squash Vine Borers from Killing Your Squash & Pumpkins

Squash Vine Borer Preventer

June is the beginning of summer, kids get out of school, and graduations.  For gardeners it is the beginning of squash vine borer season.  Yes, the dreaded squash vine borer that can decimate your pumpkin and squash crop with a blink of an eye.   In fact last year, I think the borer also attacked [...]

Square Foot Gardening Layout so Easy with the Seed Square!

Seeding Square

Gardening is incredibly enjoyable but it takes a lot of work.  One of the reasons I  converted to a square foot gardener was this method increased yields and reduced weeding.  However, laying out the grids and planting easily 300 seeds in an 8 by 4 foot bed is back breaking and time consuming.   Jennifer and Karl [...]

Square Foot Garden Convert. Better Yields, Less Weeds

Square Foot Garden Convert

For years, I would plant according to the seed packages and inevitably end up with a ton of weeds between my plants.  Of course, it didn’t help that I used straw with seed in it, but that is a story unto itself.  Last year, I discovered square foot gardening while playing around with my online [...]

How to Grow Sweet Potato Slips {+Videos}

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes

For years, I was such a failure in growing my own sweet potato slips.  I followed everyone’s method of cutting the potato in half and keeping the bottom half submerged.  Inevidently, the potato would rot, and I wouldn’t have any sprouts.  Well, I finally figured out what I was doing since I was forced into [...]

Planting Tomato Plants on Their Sides. Easier to Plant!

How to Plant Tomato Plants on their sides

For years, I have planted my tomatoes the old conventional way–buried deep in the ground with only a few leaves showing barely above the dirt.  Sometimes, I have to dig to China since my tomatoes overgrew in their seedling pots. Planting an 18 inch tomato plant is really, really hard.   But not anymore, thanks [...]