Green Foam and Other Sustainable Packaging Options by Landaal Packaging

Over the last couple of month, Third Son’s Holistic Doctor has prescribed B-12 shots to help with his ADD symptoms.  Jacob does not seem to be as tired or distracted while he is receiving the shots.  However, the B-12 shots are sent in a Styrofoam cooler in order to keep them at the appropriate temperature.  The first […]

Green News for 6.27.2010: Urine, Carbon Nanotubes, and LCD Waste Uses

Photo by Fernando de Sousa. Here are the green links for this week!  I have to say, the news get more interesting every week.  In the links are articles ranging from the environmental impact of nuclear, introduction of new electric/hybrid cars to how LCD waste could prevent bacterial infections.  What is this world going to […]

EcoCradle Packaging Kicks the Dirt Out of Stryofoam

Watch the above video about EcoCradle, a new natural based packaging that is kicking Styrofoam’s butt in the sustainability department.  Oh, wait.  Anything can kick Styrofoam’s butt.  It is made out of polystyrene, hence petroleum.  And it will still be here until the Apes rule the planet. ( You know Charlton Heston and the Planet […]