A Greener Bar Mitzvah with Yours Truly on PBS Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly

Featured above is “the Greener Bar Mitzvah” clip that will be featured on PBS’s Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly show this weekend featuring  me along with Rabbi Lawrence Troster, Director, Fellowship Program at Greenfaith Interfaith Partners for the Environment.  It is only three minutes. What’s the big deal about a green bar mitzvah? Let’s face it. […]

Greenfield Paper’s Grow A Notes: Why Trash? Just Plant.

When my son was being bar mitzvahed, I was determined to green the event as much as possible.  One of my goals was no paper, whether it was recycled content or not.   The invitation was a web page created on Myevent.com.  Inexpensive, creative and definitely a big hit. When it came to the thank […]

Thank You Notes Via Email? Are They Eco-Proper?

Updated:  12/11/2011 Life is full of dilemmas where you struggle to do the right thing. I am sure all of you have been in this situation where if you do one thing or the other, there is a consequence to your choice. Kind of like a no-win situation.  Here is mine at the moment. Can […]

Ditch Invitations and Go Paperless at MyEvent.com

I am in the throws of planning a Bar Mitzvah and have made a commitment to make this one as green as possible. For those who do not know a lot about a bar mitzvah, the amount of detail involved is similar to a wedding. It is a ritual in Judaism when a boy reaches […]