Green Countertop by Eco by Cosentino: Durable & Easy

I am frequently asked for suggestions for environmentally friendly countertops.  One of the countertops that comes to mind is Eco by Cosentino, from the makers of Stilestone.  Why do I love this product?  Hands down anything made of recycled content wins a check plus in my book.  Plus, you don’t have to seal it. Check Plus […]

Trees Made into Flooring and Furnishings Not Firewood

Prior to Halloween, New Jersey was blanketed with four to six inches of heavy snow. The trees had barely lost any of their leaves causing many trees to split.  Huge broken limbs scattered the roads and fell on power lines.  These limbs were big enough to become someone’s new dresser. One of the Maple trees […]

Modern Fabrics: Cutting Floor Remnants for Affordable Green Decor

Modern Fabrics offers green decor fabric options which are Earth and purse friendly.  So, ladies and gents, isn’t it time to spruce up the nest?  Liven up the office decor?  You bet with savings about 50 to 75% off of retail. Anna, come again.  How can Modern Fabrics offer such deals? I am not going to […]

Recycled Leather Tiles. Just What the Green Designer Ordered

I am a gal who loves great design.  Add a little green’ess to it and I get all Jerry McGuire choked up. Well,  EcoDomo’s recycled leather tiles are one of those products that fits this description.  Amazingly beautiful and so green. Several years ago.  I saw the tiles in the carriage house of the Twin Maple showhouse.  (Remember, the […]

Merida Meridian Rugs Makes Wise Green Choice to Advertise on Green Talk

Just want to give a shout-out to Green Talk’s newest advertiser, Merida Meridian Rugs, the maker of natural rugs. You have to feast your eyes on some of their gorgeous rugs. Why did I decide to take them on as an Advertiser? I like their sustainability policy.  Did I mention their gorgeous rugs? “Merida Meridian […]

Organic Sheets: Bolder and Brighter Than Ever

  Most of you know me as the green building lady but few know how much I love green decor.  I swoon over the bold colors of some green fabrics and dig multi-functional furniture geared towards smaller living spaces. Did I mention how much I adore any furniture that uses reclaimed  materials?  But what has been lacking in […]

Eco-friendly Nail Polish from A Beautiful Life: Colorful, Long Lasting

I hate my toe nails. Some people have nice white toe nails.  Mine?  Not so much. For years, I yearned to paint those piggly wigglies, but sadly, refrained  since nail polish is  full of toxic chemicals.  When  A Beautiful Life asked if I wanted to try their eco-nail polish, I literally jumped at the chance.  (The […]

Craigslist Lovin Designer Turns Drab to Fab with only $500/Five Days

  Can you makeover your apartment on $500 in five days buying items from Craigslist?  Hip, decorator Lauren on Craiglist TV did just that for a young couple wanting to enter the grown up world. No more books scattered around the ground, sitting on the floor, and pictures stacked against a wall.  They wanted to […]