Selling Cell Phones Online or at Stores. Keep out of Landfills.

Selling Your Cell Phones Online or at the Store

A week ago, I wrote about recycling, donating, or selling your electronics. Phones are probably the easiest to sell since many people upgrade their phones every two years. I left my old phones in a drawer for a year and never thought they would be worth anything–but I was wrong. So, go and get those […]

How to Get Rid of Old Electronics: Donate, Sell, or Recycle

How to get rid of old electronics

Once I put the garden to bed in November, I start to see my house in a new light. I love this house, but this year it needs a super “de-cluttering.” We aren’t talking about simply re-arranging the pantry which I do every, single year–we are talking cleaning out the closets. Over the next couple […]

Don’t Pitch the Old Toothbrush! 12 Ways to Reuse.

Reusing Old Toothbrush

I love figuring out ways to reuse or re-purpose items that ordinarily go into the trash. One item that I treasure is an OLD toothbrush. Every six months, the dentist hands us new toothbrushes. Normally, you would throw the old one in the trash.  Right?  Wrong.  Old toothbrushes are amazing tools for cleaning stains on […]

How to Store Used Coffee Grounds +Reuse Tips

Used Coffee Grounds

I love used coffee grounds and save them.  As Tony the Tiger says, they are GREAT in the garden.  In fact I bet you didn’t know that I was a frequent stalker at Starbucks waiting for them to put their used grounds in the gardener bin pick-up?  Unfortunately, I was competing against super gardener athletes […]

Reuse or Recycle Food Storage Bags Rather than Trash Them.

Food Storage Bag Reuse or Recycling

While I was taking a picture of Hubs recycling my Ziploc® brands bags at a big box store, someone approached me and asked what was I doing.   Was I in trouble (said my inner four year old?)  I guess it just seemed a little odd.  As I explained that I was writing a post […]

15 Ways to Recycle or Repurpose Your Underwear

How to Recycle Your Underwear

I don’t know about you but I wear my underwear until it falls apart.  But then what? Pitch it?  Or perhaps, your underwear has lost its elasticity or you just don’t wear it anymore?  Again, pitch or save?  If you are a greenie like me, you can’t bear to throw anything away to rot in […]

8 Ways to Reuse Sponges. Nasty Sponge New Life Remedy

8 Ways How to Reuse Sponges

How many old sponges do you have just laying around your sink or under your cabinet? Mine seem to disappear like socks to miraculously show up somewhere else.  So instead of two sponges, I have twenty.  You know me. I can’t seem to throw out anything and I would rather re-purpose or recycle.  During my […]

10 Repurposing or Reuse Ideas for Ordinary Household Items

10 Household Items that can be Repurposed or Reused

If you are like me, you can’t seem to throw anything away.  You ponder and look online how to repurpose items that would ordinary go in the trash.  So, I asked some of my green sisters what ordinary household items do they re-use or repurpose.  Boy, did they deliver.  Here are their ideas.  Be sure […]