Don’t Pitch the Old Toothbrush! 12 Ways to Reuse.

Reusing Old Toothbrush

I love figuring out ways to reuse or re-purpose items that ordinarily go into the trash. One item that I treasure is an OLD toothbrush. Every six months, the dentist hands us new toothbrushes. Normally, you would throw the old one in the trash.  Right?  Wrong.  Old toothbrushes are amazing tools for cleaning stains on […]

8 Ways to Reuse Sponges. Nasty Sponge New Life Remedy

8 Ways How to Reuse Sponges

How many old sponges do you have just laying around your sink or under your cabinet? Mine seem to disappear like socks to miraculously show up somewhere else.  So instead of two sponges, I have twenty.  You know me. I can’t seem to throw out anything and I would rather re-purpose or recycle.  During my […]

10 Repurposing or Reuse Ideas for Ordinary Household Items

10 Household Items that can be Repurposed or Reused

If you are like me, you can’t seem to throw anything away.  You ponder and look online how to repurpose items that would ordinary go in the trash.  So, I asked some of my green sisters what ordinary household items do they re-use or repurpose.  Boy, did they deliver.  Here are their ideas.  Be sure […]

Eggshells: Don’t Toss Em. Top 7 Uses.

top 7 ways to reuse egg shells

Nothing, I repeat NOTHING in this house goes to waste.  Why should eggshells be any different? Before you toss them, consider the following  seven suggestions on how to use eggshells.  Be sure to add your tips in the comments below: Tip #1: Most Obvious:  The Garden Plants such as tomatoes love eggshells.  In fact, some […]

How to Recycle Your Old Panty Hose Article Link

Green Talk is getting a lot of interest from Jezebel’s article. “I Sold My Panties Online and My Mom Found Out.”  I swear I never wrote an underwear recycling article, although it would be interesting.  It took awhile for me to figure out why everyone was coming to the site from the Panty article.  So, […]

Reusing or Repurposing Broken Plates, Pottery, or Assorted Ceramics

Do you have a bunch of broken, awful looking, glued together, overly chipped plates and saucers around the house?  How about some of your children’s ceramic work that is really cute because you love them, but you have no idea what you are going to do with it?  (Parents, don’t shoot me.  I have four kids […]

ReadyMade Mag’s Top 20 DIY Decor Projects. Trash to Fab Treasure

Are you the crafty type? A person who can take ordinary trash and make it into something jaw droppingly awesome? Or maybe you are a wanna be like me who just admires from  afar, but could never put craftiness into action.  Recently, I got to drool like an adolescent adoring Justin Bieber while flipping through  […]

Candy Wrapper Napkin Holders: A Sweet DIYer Dream

I love crafty ideas and making your own candy wrapper napkin rings is one sweet idea. TerraCycle explains how to make these unique napkin holders. Anna, who is TerraCycle?  They definitely have a cool name. I love the name too.  In fact, I gush about TerraCycle so much on the website, you would think I […]