Cheap Solar–Is this For Real?

I have been waiting for solar panels to become cheaper for years.  It just did not make sense to me that you had to install 96 panels for a 10K system which is suppose to create 13,500 kilowatts for the year if you are lucky.  I would be creating about $2000 worth of electricity per year.    I remember the pay back was over a ten years.   I stuck with my geothermal heating systems. (Another story)

I heard about Unisolar who creates the solar roof shingles.  Everyone told me they were not efficient.  Don’t even look into it, people would say.  I would tell them they are wrong.  So one day I decided to call a distributors to have my hopes dashed when I was told Unisolar only sells them in California.  All these years I have been waiting very patiently.

I learned about this nanomaterial a month ago and said someone up there (you know who) was rewarding me for my patience ( and of course for my recycling efforts). 

 So what is solar Nanomaterials?

 They are colored dyes that are used in dye sensitive cells to absorb solar energy.  These dyes were created by Dr. Wayne Campbell and his fellow researchers at University of Nanomaterials Research Centre in New Zealand.

 The 10 by 10 cm demonstration model is able to generate electricity to power a small fan in low light conditions unlike today silicon solar panel who do not function as well on cloudy days.  It is estimated that if this technology becomes a reality, people will be able to generate electricity for a 1/10th of the cost of today’s solar panels.  So, with this new technology it sounds like you can about putting some “green” back into your wallet and save the Earth as well.  Sounds like a win win to me.

 In addition, these panels are more enviromentally friendly than its silicon counteparts because they are made with titiaum dioxide, a plentiful renewable resource.  Titiaum dioxide is found in paint, toothpaste, and other applications.

The next step is to incorporate the dyes into building products such as roofing materials.  I just holding my breath and waiting….

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