Chicago is the Green Place to Be Where Fashion Blooms

Picture 128

See my 3 Rs dress show below!

This summer we are visiting colleges, and have seen about 9 colleges. If you have little ones, the years go by really fast. It seemed like yesterday when he was walking to now he is going to be off on his own. (A tear streaming down my face and my other children yelling hooray, he’s gone.)

This is my first child going off to college, so he gets to see every college his heart desires except Stanford because it is too far. Kind of like the first child has the most pictures and the last one has none because you can’t find your camera by then. So by the time we get to number 4, his oldest brother can take him. (Just kidding….maybe.)

It is amazing to go back and visit college and see how diverse the curriculum has become. Makes me wish I could be a college student again.

Our last road trip was to Washington DC to see Georgetown and George Washington University where I spotted lots of green (see my picture article.) This time we went to Chicago. I have been there a couple of times, but never in the summer.

The City took my breathe away with its amazing floral displays and lush green areas. It has many beautiful parks, and I was impressed with the lack of development near Lake Michigan. No looming condo towers blocking out the beautiful Lake. And the city was SO clean and perfectly coiffed. Mind you I was only downtown and at Northwestern and University of Chicago.

One of the student who helped with one of the college tours mentioned that Chicagoans have amazing civic pride. It shows.

During one of our nightly strolls, I could not help and take pictures of Chicago showing off its green with the help of some amazingly creative designers who made fashion statements out of recycled materials. Check out my trip down recycled U:

Picture 126

A dress made out of a broken umbrella, bubble wrap, and buttons.

Picture 125

A sexy “CanCan” dancer. Get it? Want to borrow that dress for your green Halloween?

Picture 123

This dress is entitled “Recap.” You could absolutely belly dance in this number.

Picture 120

This dress is entitled G-d’s creation. Eve with a leaf and those amazing flowers.

Picture 119

This number is Erica’s Island. Perhaps to depict a pirate’s dress or a castaway from a ship? Anyone have an clues as to the name of this dress besides the fact that the designer’s first name is Erica?

Picture 131

Every think to use your bubble wrap to make a dress?

Picture 118

The social butterfly.

Picture 117

Beauty Intertwined.

Picture 116

Nature and Technology.

Picture 114

My favorite one of the show is this dress entitled “Hotel Keyture.”

So, which one is your favorite and why? Do you make products or crafts out of recycled materials?

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  1. 2


    i like the key one too!! That’s my fav – runners up would be can – can

    I wish we could have figured out a way to hook up while you were here

    I hope the college decision is narrowing down. My daughter is applying all this week.

    • 6

      Green Talk says

      Pastry Handbags, these dresses were amazingly clever. Everyone seems to love the hotel keyture one. Anna

  2. 7

    Beauty Intertwined says

    Hello I’m the designer behind beauty intertwinded, I’m happy to see that people really like my dress. Thanks

  3. 13


    eBay was simply out of roof space for more solar. Each Bloom server takes up the area of a parking space, so installing five of those on the campus grounds was an option where adding more solar panels was not.

  4. 14


    I like that dress entitled “Hotel Keyture”. It only reminds me of the time that I lost one of my keys. I bet i could find it in there. Anyway, all the designs are unique, but i think it’s not recommended for outdoor wear.

    • 15

      Anna@Green Talk says

      Auto, very funny! You know my keys might be there too. It is too bad that they did not make a lost sock dress…Anna

  5. 16


    “Beauty intertwined”. I would actually look to having this made up and marketed. It is very Bohemian, feminine and just plain cute. Beauty Intertwined, i think you’re amazing, these two dresses truly are beautiful?

  6. 17


    CSS is really not that hard once you understand some of the bugs that exist, mostly in IE. I design CSS layouts everyday and time to design is pretty much the same as if I was using tables.


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