Coda: the Affordable Electric Car with a 125 mile Range

Coda All Electric Car

The Coda All Electric Car

Coda Automobile Company is an all-electric car company based in California.  According to Thomas Hausch, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, Coda is the only company that currently offers an all-electric sedan for under $50,000.  With federal and state rebates, the car will cost less than $30,000.  What makes this car unique is its electric range.  Coda boosts an impressive 125 to 150 miles range as compared to the usual electric car range of  50 to 75 miles.

Listen to my podcast interview with Hausch as he explains the uniqueness of the Coda automobile.

Hausch felt the 125 to 150 mile range was sufficient for most drivers.  However, if you anticipate driving more miles, the car can be plugged into a regular 120 volt plug.  A full charge (starting from empty) would take 36 hours; however using a 220 volt plug, the car will be completely charged in 6 hours.  The Company recommends the  GE’s  Wattstation, which can be purchased through one of their dealers.  The cost is $1195, and a federal credit of $1000 could offset the price.

Take  a Look

Watch the company’s video to get a sense of what the car looks like.

Jaw  Dropping Range

I have to admit when Hausch mentioned 125 mile range, my jaw dropped.  No one except Tesla at $80,000 plus could claim that range. The Company’s battery pack is  air cooled or heated rather than a liquid that cools the battery.  In addition, the Company offers a ten year car warranty as well as a 100,000 miles warranty on the battery.

But do you give up the power for the environment?  According to the Company, no way.  They state

“Our battery powers a compact UQM® PowerPhase® electric motor, packed with 134-horsepower and 221 lbs-ft of low-end torque to give it plenty of zip.”

When I asked if there was a  battery take back program, Hausch said no, but quickly mentioned that their battery had a second or third life.  He feels that the battery will be worth money because it is still able to store power after 10-15 years of use  at about 70  to 80 percent of its peak performance.

What is it Like Inside?

I was sitting in the base model.  The interior is not luxurious.  However, it is a 5 car sedan and has  the bells and whistles of a modern car.  It is larger than  the Prius.

When I questioned Hausch about the interior, he indicated that the Company’s price point is geared  to putting an electric car in every garage.  To be honest, the body style  reminded me of a Honda Accord.  The company does offer a more sporty version with leather and fancy wheels.  See here for additional options.


Their 150 mile range car is $39,900 before federal and state rebates.   Hausch stated in California given the rebates, the car would cost less than $30,000.   Their 125 mile range car is listed for $37,250 before rebates.  Note,  additional  gasoline savings  is about  $200o to 5000 annually.

Why a Brand New Company?

Given the economy, I thought it was gutsy to start a car company, especially one that solely specialized in electric cars. Hausch explained that they don’t have a factory.  Parts are sourced throughout the world and the body is assembled in China.

Plans for the Future:

The Company’s plan for expansion include three experience centers in California,one in the NYC area, and one in Chicago.  They anticipate having 40 dealership by the end of 2012.

In addition, the Company will be expanding their portfolio to add additional cars.  They also anticipate selling overseas by 2014.

Join the Conversation:

  • Would you consider purchasing a Coda automobile?
  • If not, what is your hesitation?
  • How do you think they will do as a new automobile company?





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    Hi Anna, the 125 mile range is really impressive and for day to day running around town and recharging overnight I could see this being ideal. However, if your driving is sporadic and you have days where you drive a couple of miles and then days where you need to drive hundreds then this would be a problem. I hope the company succeeds and makes an impact though.
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    Curtis Jones says

    What I would really like is if they were able to create an electric car that would do well in colder climates. I have often wondered if they are practical anywhere there is snow in the winter.
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