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Anna, I have a Green concept question.  What do I do?

I kind of think of myself as the Dear Abby of Green.  If you have a question about a green concept that I have not covered on the site, just send  me a message via this form.  Please indicate if it is okay to use your question as an article for GT readers.  I learn so much from my readers.

Product Reviews

If you are looking for a product review, here are my guidelines:

If you would like me to review your product, here are my guidelines:

  • 1. You must send the product so I can accurately review it.
  • 2. In order for the product to receive maximum exposure, I strongly suggest offering the product for a giveaway. You will send the product to the winner. Depending on the product, I may give my product sample away too.
  • 3. Any product delivered to me will not be returned.
  • 4. The product must be something that is relevant to greening your home, garden, or business. Main topics on Green Talk include green building, green living, organic gardening, and recycling.
  • 5. If you are non- profit with a message, I will try to fit you in a post or My “You’ve Got Green Mail” Weekly segment. Please provide logos with your requests. Pictures of the corporate team/Founder behind the non-profit are helpful.
  • 6. Realize that I receive many daily requests for reviews and I can not entertain every request. Advertising might be a better solution for my reader’s exposure.
  • 7.  All inquiries can be made through my Contact Form.  If I accept your request, we can discuss the details such as product evaluation, photos, etc.


I am also available for consultations to help green your business or building project.  Need a green living speaker or help to promote your product by branding with Green Talk, give me a ring.  Please see my Hire Me Page for more information.

Errors on the Site

Additionally, if there is a misspelling, grammar error, html issue or whatever you think is funny, I appreciate the feedback.

Link Requests

I receive many requests to link to Green Talk. I only link if your site is a blog,  must have been around for 6 months, and content is about green living.  To be honest, people do not click on my blogroll that much.  You will receive alot more exposure commenting since I have Comment Luv on my site.  This plug-in allows my readers to see your last post’s title.

Anna Hackman, Editor of Green Talk

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