Delta Airlines Compliments its Greener Attitude with its Eco Sky Magazine


Photo by permission of Delta Air Lines


Delta Air Lines has earned its wings this month by unveiling its green Sky Magazine issue sure to inspire its travelers to take those steps to make an environmental difference in our world. The magazine, which is chock full of helpful tips and thought provoking articles, is just one more addition to Delta’s present green business initiatives.

Don’t fret if you are not traveling this month, most of the articles are online. Here are some of my favorite ones:

Wanda Lust’s Travel Ops” column features tips for readers to travel sustainably in style, no less, to exotic places such as the Galápagos Islands. I was ready to just pack my bags.

The Power of 1” illustrates how one single act can either help or hurt the Earth citing several examples ranging from the power of the installation of dual flush toilets and recycling cell phones to the amount of waste that is generated by the packaging. It makes you stop and ponder what we are doing to this Earth.

Just Causes” reveals a new form of traveling via volunteering with Earthwatch which connects the public with scientists.

When you are done reading the articles in the magazine, I hope they inspire you to enter Sky’s contest to write your own green story. The winner will have his or her story published in the “Thought Leader” in the July issue and win $500.00.

Why did Delta choose to roll out a green featured magazine? “Delta is committed to helping promote positive global environmental change and offering our customers worldwide opportunities to do so as well,” said Judd Hooks, a product specialist with Global Product Development and Delivery at Delta. He further states, “[f]rom conserving and recycling to freecycling, voluntouring and staying at green-friendly resorts, this issue is a green reference guide designed to entertain and enlighten Delta travelers flying with us in March.” This is one non-traveler which really enjoyed this magazine.

My first question when I was asked to preview this magazine was what other ways has Delta contributed to helping our global crisis? The company’s spokeswoman cited many ongoing initiatives, but I will highlight just a few notable ones.

In 2007, Delta partnered with The Conservation Fund and is the first airline to offer its customers the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions from air travel by donating to the Conservation Fund with every online ticket purchase. Read about this initiative.

For decades, Delta has invested heavily in developing ways to reduce overall fuel consumption, which include single-engine taxi, reduced aircraft weights, and improved flight routings. In 2006, these measures have led to savings of more than 25 million gallons of fuel.

In June 2007 Delta launched a comprehensive onboard recycling program which resulted in the diversion of more than 150 tons of onboard waste from going into landfills. Read further about their recycling initiative in their articles, In-flight Recycling: Rethinking Trash” and recent March article “Recycling Beyond their Aircraft Doors” on how they have expanded this program to include aircraft carpet and office paper recycling.

Six hundred electric vehicles and ground support ions are being utilized by Delta, and resulting in zero emissions.

Remember, Delta’s old slogan, “We Love To Fly, And It Shows?” It is evident to me that the company is demonstrating its commitment to the Earth. And it shows.

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    Green Talk says

    They did not seem to highlight that feature when I was sent the magazine. I will ask. Good point. Anna

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    Green Talk says

    I sent an email to my press contact at Delta but still have not heard. My guess is that it is not but let’s see. Anna

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    Hi there Anna,

    I found a link about Delta Airlines and eventually stumbled across this blog post. Did you ever find out about their magazine paper being used? I am quite faciniated to find out.

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      Green Talk says

      I have asked the Delta PR person awhile ago, and they never replied. I would guess that the paper was conventional, not recycled. Anna

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