Double Impact: Change Your Carbon Footprint. Earn Money for Charities.

Double Impact. Small Changes to Earn $ for Charities

Double Impact. Small Changes to Earn $ for Charities

What happens if I told you that your favorite charities could receive donations simply by you changing your habits to help the Earth.  Not one dime out of your pocket.

Anna, what do I have to do?  Just log onto Double Impact.  Choice one of the charities, and start taking their simple challenges to reduce your impact on the Earth.  Yep, that simple.

Really, Anna?  So simply turning off my lights?  Checking into a farmer’s market?  Lowering the thermostat?  That’s it?

In a nutshell.    In fact, you can even follow what your friends are doing.  And for those of you Green Earth Lovin’ Ninjas out there, make it a contest.  All in the name of Mother Earth and your fav charity.  Think as of it as a fun game. To learn more, watch my video below.

Wow, Anna.  That’s it?

Yep.  Easy, peezy.  Just sign up via Facebook.

Anna, what’s the catch?  Who’s paying for this change?  Another government handout?

Corporations.  According to the Double Impact team, corporations give money every year to charities but no one knows about it.  Jessica Alter, founder of the Company explained in 2010 brands, donated in the United States $15 billion dollars to charities.  However, at of the day, business aren’t able to show results from their donations.

So, the team created a healthy marriage between brands, consumers, and charities.  Everyone gets their needs met.  Dr. Phil would be proud.

Here is a chance for the corporations to don their super hero costumes and dole out the moolah.   Brand visibility.  You change, charities get the money, and Mother Earth gets to smile.  Sounds like a win win to me.

My Double Impact Page

My Double Impact Page

Anna, what do I have to do?

Well, you can earn impact points by

  • connecting your electric bill to your utility to help curb your electrical appetite,
  •  taking quizzes and watching short fun videos,
  • buying certain products (such as sustainable bottle through Amazon,)
  •  checking in (such as a farmer’s market,)
  •  or daily dos (like a aromatic dinner for two with candles.)

That’s it.  Watch my short video  as I walk you around the site and how my personal Double Impact page looks like.  I will have to warn you.  I have been kind of a slacker.

So you know, you will also get these cute reminders if you fall off the green wagon urging to come back and do some more.  Plus, the folks at Double Impact already know my friends and asks me to invite them to play along.  (Do they know someone important at Big Brother Google?)

Anna, are all the charties green? 

Good question.  The charities listed right now are Healthy Child, Healthy World (love this charity,) Breast Cancer Awareness, and Pesticide Action Network.  In fact, you can nominate your favorite charity.

Just to give you an example, over 500 people have signed up to support Healthy Child, Healthy World.  Collectively, they have earned over 100,000 impact points in just a few months.  (Note, Double Impact is a very young company.)

But what about the business aspect of Double Impact, Anna? 

So there lies the second half of the equation.  The business aspect.  Ah, a very interesting article into itself.  Hate to cut you short, but you have to read part 2 of my dissection of Double Impact.

Be sure to watch  the podcast and video interview of Jessica Alter, the founder, of Double Impact explains the Double Impact concept as well as the benefits to businesses.

Until then, go ahead and fund your charities by changing your footprint.  It’s as easy as turning off the lights.

Join the Conversation:

  • Have you joined Double Impact?  If so, what are your thoughts?
  • Would you join Double Impact?  If not, how come?
  • How do you feel about taking simple challenge to help out your favorite charity?
  • What kind of feedback can you give Double Impact?
  • Don’t you just love Healthy Child, Healthy World?

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