Double Impact: The Business of Creating Social Change

One of Double Impact's Challenges

One of Double Impact's Challenges


Double Impact furthers social change through its quizes, challenge, and daily do’s, sponsors by companies seeking brand awareness.  The beauty of the program is people earn impact points, which translate into money for certain charities on the website.  Previously, I wrote about how the program works; however, what really intrigued me was Double Impact’s business model.

So, if you are part of corporation (all sizes are welcomed,) you need to read this article.  According to Jessica Alter, founder of the Company, corporation give tremendous amounts of money to charities.  However, they have no way of measuring their return on their charitable donations.

She has created a company that helps everyone.  Business, consumers, charities, and Mother Earth.  So, listen to the below video or podcast as Jessica walks us through the purpose of the Company and how it will impact businesses.  (The video is 30 minutes.)  Believe me, you are going to want to hop on this train.

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The Business Aspect:  How to Earn Green

My first thoughts about Double Impact was what a brilliant social change program.  Everyone gets what they want.  But the question that lingered in my mind is how is this Company funding itself?  Call me a little cynical but if you don’t have a good business plan in the green arena, you aren’t going to stay in business.

No one has ever called me introverted so I came right out and asked the founder, Jessica Alter, in the above podcast and video interview.  She answered the question like a champ.  Didn’t bat an eye lash or got flustered.  She is my type of woman.

In a nutshell, the Company partners with corporations who want to do good and get credit for it through brand marketing.  Corporations sponsor quizzes, products, and education.  You see their name and associate them with helping your charities.

In fact, every time I earn an impact point, my efforts show up in my Facebook page with the sponsor who is “paying” for that impact point.  Now all my friends see my do good efforts along with the brand name of the company making it possible.

To give you an example, Happy Family is one of their sponsors. (They make premium organic food.) Their name is in my dashboard as being responsible for helping Healthy Child, one of the charities, meet their goal.    Weird thing is, I didn’t know who Happy Family was  until I signed up on Double Impact.  Now, I do.  Each time I take a challenge or do a “daily do,” all my friends will see the name, Happy Family Brands, via Facebook.    See how this works?

Corporate Sponsorship:  Green With Benefits

Being a corporate sponsors has its benefits at Double Impact.  Brand awareness to a targeted audience who gets your company at hello.  Green with benefits.  Just think, next time a Double Impact subscriber is at  a the grocery store, they will remember your company from your sponsored quizzes and challenges.    Marketing 101, people but with a twist.

Cause Marketing has been very successful.  American Express used cause marketing in the early eighties when it partnered with a not for profit who raised funds to renovate the Statue of Liberty.  Recently, it has become a vehicle to express corporate social responsibility.    Joanne Fritz states in her article,”Cause-Related Marketing: What You Need to Know,”

“[o]ne industry group estimates that in 2005 cause-related marketing spending was $1.08 billion. Back in 1990, when the group started keeping figures, that spending was only $125 million.”

Can Only the Big Boys Play?

Double Impact offers different tiers of involvement so as not to preclude small companies from participating. Jessica explains the tiers towards the end of the interview.

What are you waiting for Ms. or Mr. Corporation?  Don’t stop at go and collect your $200, contact the folks at Double Impact and help out Healthy Child, Healthy World and its fellow Double Impact charities.  No better PR, don’t you think?

Join the Conversation

  • How do you feel about Double Impact’s business model?
  • Do you think they will be able to sustain themselves with enough companies willing to get involved?
  • Will consumers jump aboard?
  • Any feedback about the site?

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    A great idea, but is it the right time to push it?

    So many people are pulling in their horns and looking inwards that the thought of helping others whilst helping them selves hasn’t even crossed their minds.

    It’s an economics thing that becomes a social thing over time!

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