Employee Green Web Game Say Practically Green CEO Ups Biz Sustainability

Green Talk:  Practically Green Helps Business Increase Sustainability

Green Talk: Practically Green Helps Business Increase Sustainability

Previously, I interviewed Susan Hunt Stevens, the CEO of Practically Green, about how her company’s online game could change the world of sustainability.  Hunt compares her online game of earning points similar to the LEED rating system (a green building accreditation system) or weight watchers.  What fascinated me was how PG has successfully licensed the game to businesses to encourage sustainability within their organizations.  Talk about “game on” at the work place especially for those competitive employees or departments.

Listen to Susan in the below video and podcast as she explains the impact she is seeing in businesses that are using her product.  

Be sure to listen to Segment 1 of Susan’s initial interview regarding the goals of Practically Green.  In addition, coming up on Green Talk is the last segment of Susan’s interview in which she provides advice about operating a start-up.

Join the Conversation:

  • Thoughts on gaming to create more sustainable work places?
  • Would you consider using this online portal to help your company?
  • Are you a personal user of Practically Green?
  • How do you feel about the bottom up policy of engaging employees?
Photo courtesy of Practically Green.

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