Endura Wedge Corner Door Pad. Cheap Fix For Door Air Infiltration

Endura Wedge Door Corner Pad

Endura Wedge Door Corner Pad

Over the years, I have become obsessed with stopping air infiltration.  Each fall, I check my doors and windows looking for daylight peering through the sides. If you see light, you have an air leak.   For years, one of my doors had me stumped.  My weatherstrip was in good condition and I had a sweep on the bottom of the door.  I even had a door pad where the door meets the frame at the bottom corner.  But there was daylight streaming in at the corner of the door where it meets the frame.

How is that possible? I have a door pad.

Light means Air Infiltration.

This light was driving me mad.  I couldn’t figure out why it was there.  Was the door warped?  Crooked?  Was the frame off?  My carpenter said no, no, and no.  So, why the light?  No one could provide me with an answer besides see a psychiatrist since they all thought I had gone mad. “What wrong with a little light, Anna?” they would say.

Plenty guys.  It is like having your window slightly open in the winter.  Is this okay?

The Tech Man Hands Me Back My  Sanity

One day, I was having one of my windows serviced, and I happened to ask the technician why light was peeking through my exterior door.  He went over to look, made a “ahha” noise, and went to his truck.  He came back and had in his hand the holy grail of door pads.  A corner pad with a lip and not the one that your mama complained about.  (Yes, holy music starts playing the background.  A divine intervention, you could say.)

Door Pad Installed

Door Pad Installed

He then explained that the “L” shaped part of the door pad keeps the weatherstrip tight to the door.  He installed the pad and closed the door.  As I peered down to my troubled area, I felt I had won the lottery.  NO LIGHT!  I wanted to kiss the technician but that would have been really weird.

But as he left, I forgot to ask who made the pad.  I felt like Prince Charming with Cinderella’s slipper.   But then again, I only had one door with a problem.  So, I thought…

Um, I wish I Would Have Asked for that Name.

The other day, I noticed another door had the same problem.  This particular door lost its storm door last winter.  (Yep, the wind just ripped it right off its hinges.)  The storm door must have been masking the issue.  There it was in plain site.  Blasted daylight peeking in from the side of the door.   Worse yet,  I could feel cold air coming in when I put my hand to the side of the door.

How was I ever going to find that wonder pad?  Fairy Godmother?

Sometimes You Just get Lucky

Sometimes the stars align, which helps you to type the right phrase in Dr. Google to find what you are looking for.  And boy were the stars aligned recently since I found my beloved L shaped door pads on the first try.  (Note, as I write this article, I can’t find them again.  See what I am saying about how the stars have to be aligned.)

The Endura Wedge Shape with a Lip.  Music to my ears. Can you say it with me? Endura Wedge Shape with a Lip.  A name you should never forget.

I ordered one for each door from the online store, All About Doors.  You never know.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Oh by the way, looking for another great, inexpensive  air infiltration fix for your dryer?  Check out my article.  Or how about door weatherstripping?  While you are at it, don’t forget to read my series of how to button up the house before old man winter arrives.  I told you I was obsessed.

Join the Conversation

  • Do you have light streaming in from the side of your doors?
  • Feel a draft by your doors?
  • Do you have a similar product to stop air infiltration at the corner of your doors?
  • Are you obsessed with stopping air infiltration?  (You can tell me.  We don’t  judge here.)


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    This door wedge must have been a godsend for you. I also know the feeling in trying to locate cracks in doors or where air is pouring. I face the same problem as you every winter. Reading this, I am motivated to buy me one of those wedges for all the doors in my home.


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