Environmental Working Group Reaches 30,000 Votes for Organic Farmers’ Funding Petition. Seeking More Signatures!


Photo courtesy of Enviromental Working Group

The Environmental Working Group reached the needed 30,000 votes for their petition to help to assure that the Farm bill includes funding for organic farmers.  Their work is not done and they still are seeking more signatures.  For all of you that signed the petition from emails from friends, from blog site like Green Talk that sought to spread the word, and Hugg, a job well done.  Let’s keep the momentum moving forward.

See the following story on Green Talk about the Farm Bill at Spread the Word To Help Get Signatures for EWG’s Petition For Federal Funding For Organic Farmers!

Or, jump right to the petition on Grow Organics Campaign!

In the comment section below this post, let everyone know that you signed the petition!

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