Extreme Performance Permanent Paint System Claims Only Paint Once

Before picture of a house before painting

Before picture of a house before painting

What happens if I told you that you would only have to paint your house once in its lifetime?  Would you scoff at me and think I was off my rocker?  (No comments from the peanut gallery.)  Southern based Home Preservation Systems claims that the Extreme Performance Permanent Painting system will guarantee these results.  They are so sure of their claim that they provide a lifetime warranty of the house, provided you maintain the house properly.

Oh, come on Anna.  Sounds so National Enquirous

Yes.  I had one of those moments and said to myself, pinch me, I am dreaming. Then I thought of my last house which had to be maintained every year and painted probably every couple of years.  Talk about a chunk of change.

A couple of week ago, I spoke with an independent dealer, New Jersey based Permanent Paint, about the product at a trade show.  They are distributing this system in the northeast.  The Company has been in business since 1992 and it  is family run.

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What’s in this Paint?

According to the New Jersey based company,

“The Extreme Performance Permanent Painting System™ is made up of a SPECIAL FORMULATION OF POLYMERS, ACRYLIC RESINS & TITANIUM DIOXOIDE that has been proven successful over the years in such applications as Highway Lines, Golf Ball Coatings, Chemical Plants as well as others.”

There are over 1800 colors to choose from and a custom color can be made as well.  The paint cannot be used for vinyl siding.

Environmentally Friendly

The painting system has a dual environmental purpose.  It is a low VOC product with less than 150 grams of VOC per liter.  In addition, you are reducing the amount of painting products used over the lifetime of the home.

What’s this Going to Cost me?

A spokesperson of  Home Preservation Systems indicated that a paint job using their painting system would cost 4 to 5 times the cost of a normal paint job. However,  Permanent Paint (NJ) disagrees and states the following:

“First, let us estimate that contracting a standard painter to prep and paint the average size colonial home will come in around $6,000.00. Since prep and application for the Extreme Performance Permanent Painting System typically cost approximately 2 times as much as a standard paint job, this means that the average-sized colonial home would be $12,000.00.”

permanent paint
As a side note, Permanent Paint (NJ) started as a traditional painting company and converted to this system.


Dealers of the Home Preservation Systems provide a lifetime limited warranty for defects in their products.  However, Permanent Paint (NJ) only provides a  25 year warranty for commercial and an unlimited warranty as long as you live in your house.  The residential warranty provided by PP NJ  is transferable only within three years of installation

To find dealers in your area, contact Home Preservation Systems or Permanent Painting NJ.

Join the Conversation:

  • Does this system sound too good to be true?
  • Would you spend more for a once in a lifetime paint job?
  • Have you used this system?

Pictures courtesy of Permanent Painting NJ

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  1. 1


    I never knew that painting a house could be so expensive. I just had my house repainted and it cost me about $15,000 with a 30 year warranty…this seems like too much.

    • 2


      The average price of our permanent painting system is roughly 2 times the cost of a professional paint job, not sure where the 4-5 times was quoted, since my husband and I own the company.

      What type of paint was used on your home that provided a 30 year warranty?

  2. 3


    Megan, your southern counterpart gave me that price quote. I listed yours as well and indicated above that your company originally started as a regular painting company.

    Also, Megan, I was a little confused. Is the company based in the South the sole distributor of the product? I realize that your company is independent of them, but do you buy the product from them?

  3. 4


    HVAC, what was the size of your house? I don’t recall ever getting a 30 year warranty for the painting on my house. Are you in the US and did you use a special paint system? Anna

  4. 5


    Hi Anna:
    Permanent Painting of NJ is the exclusive distributor of the Extreme Performance Permanent Painting System in New Jersey. We buy our product directly from the manufacturer.

    I understand how it gets confusing with the other distributor down south, Home Preservation Systems, however all the information, photos, and links in this article are to our business, Permanent Painting of NJ. That being said, that is why I was concerned about the price quote they gave you. We are completely different businesses, and we are no where near that 4-5times.
    Megan´s last blog post ..Welcome

    • 6


      Megan, the quote I received was from the southern company They told me they have their own distributors and they also sell their product to independent companies like yours. The conversation was really confusing especially since their website name is the same as the product

      My understanding is you get the products directly from the manufacturers; however, when I tried to find them to link to them, I could pull up the website. Can you provide those websites for me?

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