Fabric Gift Wraps by Fabricwrapper, Greener Choice to Wrapping Paper

Fabricwrapper gift wrap for all occasions

Fabricwrapper gift wrap for all occasions. Check out my Giveway below!

How would you like a gift wrap that makes your gift the fairest of them all?  And to boot, makes Kermit one happy frog? Give up?  No,  Miss Piggy is not the answer.   Fabric gift wraps and bags by Fabricwrapper!  Read on to discover why you will love Fabricwrapper as much as I do, and win a fabric gift wrap in the contests listed below.

Why Switch from Paper to Fabric?

Why should you switch to products offered by Fabricwrapper?  Two reasons. The environment and the look. In my opinion, a fabric gift wrap is so much more chic than a gift wrapped in paper wrap.  Plus, giving a fabric wrapped gift is like giving two gifts in one.  Your recipient can reuse that bag over and over again or give it away.

Secondly, you know how I feel about paper gift wrap and its effect on the environment.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, our trash increases by twenty-five percent! Translated, that  means an humongous amount of trash being buried in landfills.  Worse yet,  four million tons of our trash during the holidays is wrapping paper. That is downright disgusting.  The products offered by Fabricwrapper give you an option to not only be greener, but give a stylish gift as well.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, all the fabric gift wraps are washable and made in the USA.

Anna, you got me so excited. I broke out into a cold sweat. Tell me more about their products.

I feel like Monty Hall here.  Fabricwrapper offers three different fabric gift wrap products. Carol Merrill, show us what is behind door number 1.

Bags for Anything.

Fabricwrapper Gift Bag.

Fabricwrapper Gift Bag.

(The Crowd Oohs and Ahhs)

Want a quick and easy solution to wrap you gifts?  Slide your gift into one of these cute fabric  bags.   Fabricwrapper offers different size bags in a multitude of colors and themes which will fit your wine bottles to toy gifts.  The features of the above festive bag are as follows:

  • 7” x 13”
  • 2” complimentary fabric encasing
  • 35 inches of 5/8″ ribbon
  • Wraps anything from wine bottles to dog bones; this bag will fit anything tall and slim. Barbies, vases, wool socks, hot sauce, olive oil, rolled T-shirts, wallets, etc.
  • Priced at $5.99.

Carol, door number 2 please.


Fabricwrapper gift wrapper with attached ribbon

Fabricwrapper gift wrapper with attached ribbon

(The Crowd starts clapping wildly.)

I love these fabricwrappers.  I haven’t seen anything else like this on the internet. The fabric is reversible and has an attached satin ribbon that you pull through a button hole on the bottom to make a beautiful bow.  They come in various sizes and colors just like the bags.  Great for wrapping books, DVD, gift certificates, and more.  The fabricwrapper listed above has the following features:

  • 11.5” x 23”
Reversible Fabricwrapper for wrapping presents

Reversible Fabricwrapper for wrapping presents

  • Reversible.  (See the two colors above?  In the picture one side is green and the other is a Christmas tree theme?)
  • 34 inches of 5/8″ ribbon on each side
  • Priced at $6.99

How do you wrap a gift with one of that fabricwrapper?  I thought you would ask. So, I made a video to showcase my hands, um the fabricwrapper for you all to see.  Watch my below video of  how to wrap a gift with a fabricwrapper.  It is easy, pezzy.  Trust me.

Ode to Furoshiki

Fabricwrappers' Ode to Furoshiki.

Fabricwrappers' Ode to Furoshiki.

Vanna, turn the letter.  Wait a minute.  Wrong show. Carol? (The crowd claps but isn’t sure of what a Furoshiki really is.)

Rest assured, an Ode to Furoshiki is one of the most versatile fabric gift wraps that I know.  You can wrap a box, books, and even wine glasses in so many different ways. Like all the other Fabricwrapper products, they come in different colors.  The one above has the following features:

One wish I do have for the Fabricwrapper is that they use more organic or recycled cotton fabrics.  However, founder, Steph Lancaster explained that “[w]e do have an organic line but they are all listed in our clearance section.  We had to wash all of them and since the material is so sensitive it changed the appearance.” I know how green minded this Company is and I bet in the future they will endeavor to have more organic products.

Oh Happy Day.  A Giveaway!

Polka dot all occasion fabricwrapper

Polka dot all occasion fabricwrapper

I love giveaways.  Don’t you?  Fabricwrapper, in keeping with the holiday spirit, is offering Green Talk readers the above pictured medium every occasion fabricwrapper. Steph tells me the above fabricwrapper is the Company’s most popular general occasion fabricwrapper!

Rules, Rules, Rules.

Want to enter, here are the rules:

  • You must be over 18 and live in the US.
  • Leave me a comment here telling me about why you would love to win this fabricwrapper.   If you don’t have a specific reason, just say so.
  • To double your chances consider joining my free Newsletter email list or subscribe to my RSS feed. Both subscriptions are listed on the upper right hand column. Be sure to come back and leave a separate additional comment to tell me which one you joined. If you are already a member, just say so.
  • To triple  your chances of winning, tweet about this contest and come back and leave a separate additional comment of the url (weblink) of your twitter comment.
  • You must enter by Monday, December 27, 2010 6 PM EST time to win. Winners will be chosen at random on December 28, 2010 .  Good Luck everyone!

Disclaimer:  I was given products from Fabricwrapper for free to give my honest opinon.  No pay to play here.  Just the wrap. Also, we value your privacy and your email will not be shared with anyone.

Photos courtesy of Fabricwrapper.com

Music on videos:

Creative Commons License Kids then Age by Fireproof_Babies is licensed under a Sampling Plus.

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  1. 2

    Joe Huang says

    I want to win this fabricwrapper, because it’s clean and also good for the environment. However, as your first rule stated: “You must be over 18 and live in the US”. I’m over 18 but I don’t live in US. What a pity. Anyway, I still love your post, nice writing.

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  2. 6


    Happy Holidays, all! Last weekend we had an early “Christmas” with one side of the family. I took all the Fabricwrappers our gifts were wrapped in and brought them home and wrapped gifts for the other side of the family! I love to reuse, and they look beautiful under the tree year after year. Thanks to all that have commented!

  3. 9

    Katie R. says

    I want to win because every year I always have gifts that are odd shapes and hard to wrap. These would make wrapping gifts easier.

  4. 11

    Aisling says

    Our family decided several years ago to phase out paper gift wrap. We started collected sturdy, attractive boxes that we recycle from year to year. I’ve also wrapped some gifts in other gifts (like towel sets and tablecloths) and we have just a few fabric wraps as well. This Fabricwrapper is gorgeous and I’d love to add it to my collection of gift wrap. mcgillrmcgill(at)charter(dot)net

  5. 12

    kai says

    I would love to win cause it looks fun and reusable, and even if the gift sucked the present would still be interesting cause of the wrap.

  6. 15

    Michelle Tucker says

    This is an awesome product! I think I might try to go totally fabric next year. What an idea! Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. 20

    Veronica Garrett says

    I would love to win the fabricwrapper because I think it looks better than traditional wrapping paper. I like that afterwards you have a great looking bag.

  8. 23

    dorothy says

    I would love to win because I think this would be a neat way to explain to people about why using fabric is better than paper

  9. 24


    A favorite among artists primitive burlap weave look rough and rich brown is an excellent choice for gift bags and decorative crafts guard early, but the material is easily adapted for use as traditional wrapping paper.

  10. 25


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  11. 29

    Deanna Knoll says

    I’d love to win this reusable paper…I know that my sister, mom and I would fight for who would get to take it home after each holiday:)


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