Ford Fusion 2013 Green Year Lineup: Gas, Hybrid, Electric/Hybrid.

2013 Ford Fusion

2013 Ford Fusion

A week ago, I witnessed the unveiling of the newly designed Ford Fusion as a guest of Ford. My highlight of the unveiling was my indepth conversation with  Samantha Hoyt, Fusion Marketing Manager about the newly re-designed Fusion.  Listen to the podcast.

So, you don’t think this is a commercial for the Fusion, I test drove this car last year when my 2005 Sienna lost its transmission and gave it high marks.   (Heck, I drove about 10 cars last summer, but luckily my Sienna was fixed.)

When I previously drove the car,  I remarked that the trunk was in my line of vision.  Although the car has rear sensors, I am an old time driver and like to look over my shoulder.  (Teaching an old dog new trick.  Not going to happen.)  My close friend has an all wheel drive Fusion, and absolutely adores it.  There is also a hybrid model as well.

So Why Do I Love a Fusion?

The 2013 Ford Fusion is a medium size sedan that is fuel efficient, comfortable, and affordable.  Even though the old Fusion was pretty darn good, Ford decided to give it a make-over.  Inside and out according to Hoyt.

In addition, Ford expanded its med-size car platform to include the gas fueled Fusion (1.6 and 2 liter eco boost engines) the Fusion Hybrid, and Fusion Energi, the plug-in electric/hybrid.  In Europe and Asia Pacific, the Company will be introducing the Mondeo.

I urge you to listen to the 10 minute podcast.  Hoyt explains all the great features on the car.  Just in case you want a short synopsis, listed below are some interesting tidbits.

Interest tidbits:

  • The hybrid gets 47 mph in the city.  44 mpg on the highway.  (Getting pretty darn close to the Prius.)
  • Hybrid seat completely fold down for added trunk space.  The seats do not fold down on the Energi Fusion. Great for us gardening gals to haul big plants.   (Note, both seats don’t ordinarily fold down in other hybrid cars I looked at.)
  • The Fusion Energi has a “500-mile overall driving range.”  It can be plugged into a regular outlet. Hoyt explained the electric portion is 100 miles.
  • Available voice-activated SYNC®27.  Hoyt says it is the most widely used car in-connectivity  system in the world.
  • Lane Keeping System:  Gently steers you back into your lane if you get a little drowsy.  (Or not pay attention since you are breaking up a fight between the cavemen.)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control:  Keeps you a certain distance from the other cars.  Boy, can my teenage cavemen use this.  Wait, so can the heavy footed hubby.
  • Blind Spot Information System: helping you back out of tight spots.  (Okay, good for us not the best drivers.  I will admit it.  Driving is not my forte.)

Interior Green Facts:

Some of the green highlights, Hoyt explained:

For further sustainability endeavors, see video #1 and video #2 .  They are both short videos I took while at the Ford facility.

 What About Range Anxiety?

I learned a  new buzz word at the Auto Show.  “Range Anxiety.” (This is not to be confused with road rage or hyperventilating.)  It means anxiety of depleting the electrical battery while driving an electric car.   Hoyt explains their Ford Energi has a range of 100 miles on full electric.  Thereafter, the car switches to gas hybrid  with a total range of 500 miles.  Sign me up!

What about the Trunk?

Hoyt explains they did in fact re-looked at the trunk issue and readjusted the seat.  However, despite their efforts, some us might still have a problem.   At least, there is the back-up cameras.

Join the Conversation:

  • Would you consider buying a Ford Fusion and if so, which one of the cars?
  • Would you consider buying the electric/hybrid?
  • Do you already own a Ford Fusion and what are your thoughts about its maintenance or performance?
  • What your thoughts about Ford lately?
Disclaimer:  Ford paid for my travel to and accommodations for the International Auto Show. However, they did not require that I write about their cars.  This article was written freely by me and are my opinions.

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  1. 1

    Neil says

    You mention that the fusion energi gets 100miles…? I thought it was 100mpge- which equates the amount of energy used with 1 gallon of gas…not equating in how many miles it would go. There is a youtube video from ford talking about getting 20 miles on electric (of which, I think is a waste if that is true). 100 miles would get quite a few to sign up & buy the car if its affordable.

    My big concern is how they’re going to price this vehicle..but I do think it looks great!

    • 2


      Neil, I revised it to make the statement clearer. According to Ford, the car can travel 500 miles with 100 of it based on electric. I also would like to know what they are going to price the car. I guess we will have to wait and see.

    • 4


      Neil, it was you. My podcasts are real hogs on my server. Apparently, I was out of room. I moved the file to TalkShoe which I really like. You can see the full podcast on the link above. Thanks so much for bring this to my attention. Let me know what you think of the podcast. Anna


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