Get Paid to do Something good for the Earth?


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Every time you open a drawer or closet, there is unused electronic equipment staring you in the face. Should you try and sell it? Then you think, that could be too much of a hassle. Perhaps you should throw it away? Who is going to want it anyway?

Stress no more because Second Rotation wants your equipment and is willing to pay you a competitive price for it. Does this sound too good to be true? Their mission according to Dylan Hunter, VP of Marketing at the Company is to encourage people to sell their equipment to them instead of disposing of it in a landfill. What better way to achieve this lofty goal then by paying someone a competitive price for their unused wares?

They are a virtual pawn shop accepting international trade-ins of cell phones, laptops, gaming consoles, digital cameras, MP3 players, camcorders, and GPS devices and reselling them on eBay.

How does this all work? Let’s say you have a LG S5100 cell phone that you want to sell. You go on the website, browse for your cell phone’s make and model. Then you are asked a few questions such as the condition, whether you have the orginal manual, CD, and other assorted information. In my hypothetical case, I typed in that I did not have the manual or CD but otherwise it was in excellent condition. I would make $45. That’s pretty good for a piece of equipment that is just lying around.

If you accept their trade-in offer, then you will be provided with mailing instructions. The Company provides a free pick-up shipping service via DHL in the continental United States for all trade-in items. For an international transaction, the sender must pay for duties and shipping costs, but will receive a special shipping allowance in addition to the trade-in price. All payments are made by check or through Paypal, and are payable in US dollars.

If you wish to send the Company electronic equipment that is broken, they will accept it for recycling and you will have to pay the cost for the shipping unless you can include it with another item for trade. If you don’t see your electronic equipment at all and still want a place to recycle it, call the Company and see if they will dispose it for you.

What happens if you send them an item for trade and the Company disagrees with your assessment of the condition? They will notify you by email and you must respond within a certain designated time period whether or not you want the Company to return it free of charge, or recycle it for you.

So are you looking for some extra cash? Want to be more environmentally conscious? Browse the website and see what items you can sell that are just sitting around collecting dust. So when your friends praise you for being an environmentalist, just smile and jiggle the money in your pocket. After all you did do the right thing.

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    Dell has a pretty cool option when you buy a pc through their site. For a few bucks, you can opt to have Dell plant a tree to off set your new PC’s impact on the environment. You can also make arrangements for your old equipment to be properly disposed of.

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    Or you could build your own computer and let Dell keep their bloatware and tree.

    I think people should be more worried about the homeless in this world who are going hungry than about going ‘green’. This whole green thing is just a fad, but we will always have the homeless.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think we should take care of the world we live in. I just think people are going way to far with the whole ‘green’ thing.


  1. […] «» said that each day it sifts through millions of online sales transactions for pre-owned gadgets to determine product values, arrange shipping, and sales. Now it will also identify recyclable products. Consumers can check the company’s Web site to make sure their product is listed, and ship it free — with or without a product they plan to sell. Or, they can just ship the recyclable product. […]

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