Give Your Loved Sport Equipment and Uniforms a New Home

unused sport equipment

Since I have closed my garden for the winter, I started to look inward at my house which has been neglected during the summer months.  As many of my loyal readers know, I am obsessed with gardening, and everything goes on hold until the last vegetable is picked.   As I piled my garden equipment back into the garage for the winter, I could not help but notice my messy garage with bicycles, outdoor toys, and sports equipment sprawled all over the floor.

As I sifted through all the equipment on the floor, I notice that much of it was too small for my fourth child.  Boy, has time flown.   Yes, the tears start to well up in my eyes when I muse about when they wore those skates or rollerblades. I am a big softie about how fast my children have grown.

The good news is the sports equipment is in pretty good shape and has received its fair share of use by my four boys. But, as we all know, children grow like weeds. (Sorry, there I go again using those gardening words. ) Eventually, the skates, tennis rackets, and other sport paraphernalia become too small for the youngest and the sports equipment needs to find a new home.

As I thought about how to donate the sports equipment, visions of numerous (okay countless) recreation jerseys and sports uniforms danced in my head.  If your household is anything like mine, every fall, winter, and spring, they collect new recreation jerseys, sponsored by  so and so law firm, business or whomever is gracious enough to donate money for the purchase of jerseys.  Although I greatly appreciate these donatons, why can’t we just pass down the t-shirts to the next group?  Perhaps order a size that everyone can wear.  Who needs a ton of unused shirts in their drawers?  Not to mention, the environmental aspect of natural resources and energy used to create 15 plus t-shirts for a zillion teams each season!  Readers, can you envision  smoke coming out of my head as I sit here fuming at all the environmental madness?

Let’s not stop at just the town recreation sports.  How about all those countless club sport uniforms, warm-ups and bags that my children have collected throughout their sports careers?  Many of you may have children who change teams frequently.  Or perhaps,  your child’s  team had to discontinue use of their current uniforms since they could no longer supply the same uniform to new players.

Children are not the only ones who have unused sports equipment and uniforms.  So as I write this article, I pondered what should we all do with our unused sports apparrel and equipment? Here are some the resource I have used or found.  Please feel free to add on to my list in the comments.

  • Connect with a family who has younger children.  I give my kids’ hand me downs to a family of younger boys. Unfortunately, they did not want to store the sports equipment since their boys are so much younger than mine.
  • Play it Again Sports with franchises through the US and Canada:  You can buy new, buy used, or trade in your equipment for cash at one of their locations.  In general,  here is what they are looking for.  However, it is best to call your local store to find out what they are specifically looking for since each area is different.
  • Sports Gift:  This not for profit is focused on providing sports to underprivileged kids all over the world. They accept certain sports equipment, clothing, and shoes,  and encourage coaches to send them their surplus equipment.  All items can be sent to them via common carrier or delivered to their Laguna Hills, California Office .  They also take surplus or obsolete merchandise from manufacturers or retailers.
  •  This Davies, California based organization is working with a  Sacramento YMCA to collect used or new equipment to benefit the kids. If you live in the Davies/Sacramento area, you can arrange for a pickup.  See here.  Cash donations are welcomed too. In addition, the organization seeks Yolo county businesses who can make  sports equipment donations.
  • Universal Giving: Similar to Sports Gift, this organization accepts donation for underprivileged kids in 19 countries.
  • FreeCycle: Join a group and list your once loved possessions for free.
  • Craigslist: Find your local area and create a free ad to either donate or sell your item.  Word of advice.  Always have more than one person with you when someone comes to look at your items.  (This applies to FreeCycle too.)  We all want to believe people are innately good but it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Sports for the World’s Children:  Again, this San Franciso based organization is similar to Sports Gift.  However, at this point, their website indicated that they can no longer accept sport equipment, but would gladly accept monetary donations.  (Note:  website information changes so check back with this organization to see if their sports equipment donations have resumed.)
  • What about fitness equipment?  Fitness 4 Charity accepts donations of used fitness equipment as well takes donation requests for the equipment.  In the past, the organization has donated equipment to schools, foster care homes, firehouses, hospitals, and individuals just to name a few.
  • Check your local Special Olympic chapter if they need any used or new sports equipment.  The North Carolina chapter is seeking donations.
  • Search iloveSchools for coaches or teachers seeking donations. This site provides a place where teachers can provide a wish list and connect with their community and businesses to seek those donations whether it is supplies, furniture or technology items.  In addition, you can post a donation after you create a donor account.
  • Humanitarian Service Project for DuPage and Kane County in Illinois (via Volunteer Match) is seeking sports equipment for ages 8-12.
  • National Alliance for Youth Sports Global Gear Drive: This organization seeks  new or slightly used sports equipment and sports uniforms to be donated to children in Africa, the Middle East, Caribbean, and Mexico.  Contact the organization for free shipping of  your boxes.
  • For an exhaustive  list of who accepts gently to falling apart running shoes or sneakers, see here.
  • Consider recycling your yoga mats at  Recycle your Mat (via FitSugar’s post.)
  • Recycle used swim caps at
  • Tennis balls that no longer have their bounce? Rebounces accepts reasonable quality tennis balls. (No balls that Fido ate.)   Email or call them for a prepaid postage for 100 -500 ball packages.  Don’t have enough balls?  Consider starting a drive or partnering with a tennis club to collect gently used balls or pay for them to be sent to the organization.
  • Opportunity for Baseball via Chase Sports Specialist LLC:  This Arizona based organization accepts donations of  used and new baseball equipment for less fortunate kids who want to play baseball.
  • New Jersey Goals Ahead:  This organization helps to introduce youth ice hockey to diverse urban communities and helps to defray the cost especially for lower income families. They accept donated used hockey equipment on a need basis.
  • 4 the World:  Seeking donation of sports uniforms and equipment. The uniforms are sent to schools and orphanages so the children can play sports as a team.
  • Contact your local Boys & Girls Clubs of America
  • Donate to Goodwill and the Salvation Army
  • SwapMama: A social networking swap site for everything  “mama could want.”  See here for more swapping and bartering sites.

Whew!  That was some long list, but there are probably more  organizations or ideas that I did not list.  So, readers, where have your donated recreation t-shirts, sports equipment or uniforms?

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    burtonhardy says

    I know when my mom threw out my comic books and baseball cards iwas angry. So i took my glove and football with me where ever I went.
    Get your kids approval in writting and on video(s). This also applies to husbands
    can also reach out to chruches in poor neighborhoods who do not have access to resources. Look toward New Orleans as an example

  2. 4


    I hear you! My husband’s a middle distance runner. Fortunately his sport doesn’t require much in the way of equipment but he does have a closet full of running shoes! After he logs a certain number of miles on his running shoes (he keeps a spreadsheet. Yes, he’s that serious about running.) and his shoes are too broken down for training they become his causal wear tennis shoes and then painting, etc. shoes.

    I made some of his race shirts into a t-shirt quilt to use as a picnic blanket. He’s sentimental about the race shirts since many of them were for charity races.
    .-= Condo Blues´s last blog ..My Gingerbread House has Solar Panels =-.

  3. 5

    KS says

    There’s a new bartering website you could try too, which is pretty cool. It’s a free site, called, and you can upload video of what you have to trade and give an idea of what you’d like in return. You can just upload a picture too, but the video is easy, plus it’s more interactive.

  4. 7

    Eileen says

    Great topic as I was cleaning out my son’s closet today! The Y in Summit is collecting old sneakers and sports shoes…we’ve donated many! We’re also gearing up for a pick up by Father English Center in Paterson, so some of those old football items will be given away.
    It’s good to know about the various other suggestions you’ve mentioned.

  5. 8


    I just started to recycle paper in my own home and at the office, as well I just finished reading an article about new bills adding government regulations and control on green house gas emissions, and all kinds of things. Have you heard anything about this? Good post, keep up the good work!

    Oh yeah, check it out I recommended Green Talk!
    .-= Whitney @ Mini Greenhouse Kits Blog´s last blog ..Greenhouse Gardening Tips for Year Round Cultivation =-.

    • 9

      Green Talk says

      Whitney, thank you so much for the recommendation. You put a huge smile on my face today. I will have to check out your garden gifts. You know I am a sucker for anything gardening. Mini greenhouse kits…Hmmm. Anna

  6. 12


    I am kind of a pack rat. I let junk pile up way too easy because I hate throwing things away. This is some great advice, other people could be using my stuff and then I don’t even have to feel bad about it.

  7. 13


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    The Cripps Waratah Netball Club has introfduced a new playing uniform this season and we are looking to donate the older style dresses to a community; school or overseas area that would liek them. We are preapred to take up collection and organise a delivery point if anyone can assist, we also have some used balls to donate too. Please contact me asap as we are keen to help out a group in need

    • 16

      Epah Gyavira says

      Hello Carol, thanks for the comment and willingness to help .
      I will equally like to have your email address so as to send you all infos regarding our group .
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  9. 18


    Hi Sunrise fc a community based project in Kenya is humbly requested to consider their project by donating to them some of the soccer gears you have collected. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Collins Obara.

  10. 20

    Peter Perkins says

    Hello my name is Peter A. Perkins, I just accepted the position of assistant tot he athletic director and coach of many sports. The school that I am referring to his titled: West Side High School, located in Gary, Indiana. After my first day of the job and taking an inventor of what the district needs in order to continue their sports programs it clear they are in very bad need of equipment, supplies, uniforms, and court/field repairs. For many of the student athlete’s in low income communities sports are their safe heaven. I am asking for any help to continue building dreams and futures with your support. Peter A. Perkins


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