Climate Change: Still Waiting on the World to Change.

global warming by Softpick techie

Just like the lyrics of John Mayer’s song, “Waiting on the World to Change” I too am still waiting. In response to the possibility of increased heat temperatures and destruction of our planet, it seems that people and businesses are changing their thinking to prevent such a catastrophic occurrence. But I question, have we as a society really changed our behavior?

“With the world and those who lead it
We just feel like we don’t have the means
To rise above and beat it”

Perhaps this very question will be addressed by other Green Mom bloggers  as part of the first Green Mom carnival organized by Lynn of Organic Mania. ( Update 6/03/13: I am re-introducing this post again for’s 10-10-10 Global Work Party and part of another green mom carnival hosted by ClimateMama.  This post is timeless and reflects how I felt in 2008 as well as how I feel now in 2010.  Um, still waiting and it is 2013)

Why is Climate Change Topic so Important to me?

As many of my loyal readers know, I have four children and am passionate about  green building.  In 2003, I built  a  home in  2003 with many green building attributes. (Here is my story.)

As I continued on my own green journey, I realized that my own carbon footprint was too large.  Consequently, I started looking at how I could reduce my own footprint.   Why should my children and grandchildren to be left with the mess that I caused?

Everything I become involved in from school programs to my own personal life I try to think how I could help to teach others to reduce their own footprint. I don’t understand the word, “no.” I believe there is always a solution.

But I am Discouraged

Over the past year, I am encouraged that the world is changing.   The concept of  “green” is everywhere.  Multiple articles written with green tips (including mine) urging all of us to use CFLs, reduce our water consumption, insulate our homes better, and recycle to using chemical free cleaners, clothes and food products. However, in my own community and when I travel across the country , as I did recently, I feel discouraged, frustrated and down right angered by how many people still just don’t get it.

Every day I hear, “it is too expensive!” “Why should I bother?” OR “It is too inconvenient”, as they murmur “tree hugger” under their breath. I watch in amazement when people just throw everything out in their trash cans from furniture that can be donated to items that can be recycled. I drive by many office buildings that have all of their lights on and “no one is home.”

How about the freezing malls that you have to wear a sweater to in the middle of summer? Or the trash filled sky high with plastic bottles?

“It’s hard to beat the system
When we’re standing at a distance
So we keep waiting

But am I being too judgmental?   Are people legitimately trying, but green options are just not readily accessible?  Perhaps green products are just too expensive? Should our government give more rebates to help people go green? Is there even money to give those rebates? Should recycling be more accessible? Will people’s behaviors change if it affects their wallet?

“What you get is what you got
Cause when they own the information, oh
They can bend it all they want.”

Simple Low Cost Ways to Reduce Your Footprint

I do know there are simple ways that everyone can help reduce their own impact that don’t cost a dime.  Read my article, “18 Easy Green without Spending a Dime.” All I am asking is for people to tread lighter on the Earth and consider how they can reduce their own footprint. Consider reducing your footprint as follows:

  • Use less plastic or buy something that has less packaging to decrease our dependency on oil?   My Plastic Free Life  is one of my favorite blogs that is constantly making me think on how I can use less plastic.
  • Reuse something in another way.
  • Buy organic or local foods.
  • Buy less or buy only green products that are fair trade, and manufactured without harmful chemicals and environmentally sound practices? Send a message to companies that this is what we demand! In addition, check out Treehugger, Green Guide along with the Green Moms who are part of this carnival. (See the green moms listings on OrganicMania) You know the saying, “Mother knows best.” All these Moms do.
  • Opt for public transportation, car pooling, or walking.
  • Turn that thermostat up or down depending on the season.
  • Unplug those vampire electronics that suck up energy when you are not using them.
  • Look at your own energy consumption. (See my articles on how to reduce your energy consumption here and here.) The list can go on and on.

And we’re still waiting


Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change
One day our generation
Is gonna rule the population
So we keep on waiting”

Okay, how about simply turn off the lights when you walk out of a room?

Let’s stop waiting and truly change the world. We only have one Mother Earth.How have you lessen your carbon footprint?

Still Waiting

And I ask now in 2010 and again in 2013, have you seen much change since 2008 when it pertains to how people and companies have reduced their carbon footprint?

Photo by SoftPIX Techie

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  1. 1


    Personally, I applaud all those who endeavour to save energy and recycle as I believe that most members of the Western world have become wasteful members of a throaway society.

    However, I just cannot buy into the whole global warming story – there is evidence that the planet is cooling, as well as the fact that there has been periods of (recent) history when the planet has been hotter.

    Is global warming not, therefore, just an excuse for higher taxes?

    Scams last blog post..Multi Level Marketing – A Short Autobiography

  2. 4

    Green Talk says

    MamBird, I so agree with you about large scale policies. So many people don’t recycle when it is readily available! Anna

  3. 5


    having been in the alternative market for several decades the it’s too expensive comment is something that rubs me the wrong way, buying cheap and poor quality fuels those economies – why not spend where one’s beliefs might be and spend where it might fuel change vs ordinary

    nice post anna

  4. 6


    We are moving in the right direction – as a society – though not as fast as I would like or, frankly, as fast as we need too. I watched a teen toss a water bottle into a trash can this weekend, passing the recycling bin that was closer to her to get to the trashcan. How do we get through to these people? Enact change in time? I don’t know but I do know that we cannot stop trying. Great post.

    Green Beans last blog post..What Would Grandma Do?

  5. 8


    i just would like to comment on that first quote on the article:
    “with the world and those who lead it
    we just feel like we don’t have the means
    to rise above and beat it”…
    although it is sad, but i think that this is very true. i guess people in general do not act unless they are in immediate danger or if there is an external force to prompt movement… when it is very apparent that the global climate is going nuts, people tend to not care about it because it does not directly affect their survival…. well, i also can’t wait for the world to change..

  6. 10


    Wonderful post, green Earthling.
    I am saddened to see humans ignoring the cries of their mother Earth. If all humans make small changes in their daily lives, you could help your beautiful Earth. Many humans ignore the warning signs because it is a sad and scary thing.

    My wife Meera and I started the Zork Revolution on with the simple goal of getting 1 million Earthlings to make 5 small changes in their daily lives. One human can make a difference – as you are with the wonderful site. We have fun on Zork Planet and believe that being green should be fun, what do you think?

    zorks last blog post..Zork Green Tip 31 – Tree Hugs Instead of Bear Hugs

  7. 11


    Mayer’s song rings true especially now. We desperately need a change. The time has come.

    Hopefully 2009 will ring in some positive changes for humanity.

  8. 13


    I was just speaking with a green scientist who said we can make more of an impact with what we eat than everything else we do. Simply by choosing a vegan life style. I am not quite ready to do this personally but it does make me think about cutting back on meat.

  9. 15


    Thanks for this – its due to articles like this that the relevance and importance of doing the right thing will be done – namely paying attention to our carbon footprint

  10. 16


    Although people still need to change, at least this is a topic that’s getting press and getting talked about. That’s always the first step!

  11. 17


    A great way to help the planet is to eat more produce. Let me explain: packaged material in which most of our processed food comes from takes up a huge amount of space in landfills. Because we eat mostly vegetarian, we only have to take out our trash 1 a week and then it only has 2 trash bags in it. Most of our food waste comes from fruit skins and that goes into our compost bin.

    Less processed food, less waste and a healthier population…think about it…
    .-= Healthy Diet´s last blog ..Mar 8, Healthy Diet Healthy Living =-.

  12. 18


    I wonder if we actually can change the environment…I mean, aren’t we quite arrogant in saying that we can change the climate of an entire planet? I’m not sure we have so much influence. apperently, its normal that planet earth cools down and heats up again. we are we so worried? I don’t think we can actually change anything about it.

    • 19

      Green Talk says

      Goedkooptse, the good thing about this movement is it has opened our eyes to what we consume and eat. Whether or not anyone believes in global warming, people have changed their habits which I think is good. Anna

    • 22

      Anna@Green Talk says

      John, even if you think Global Warming is overrated, what do you feel about reducing our resource consumption? Anna

  13. 23


    I always find it interesting when we hear so much on the news about the coldest day in recorded history for various parts of the world and yet, people still think the world is getting hotter? Thank you for sharing. :-)

  14. 25


    I have just finished discussing this very topic with some associates. The consensus, appears to be that yes we are escalating the natural warming at an alarming rate. Although some patterns of change are considered normal, our efforts are taking this a level ahead of what is termed as natural evolution.

  15. 26


    Sadly, I don’t think things are better than they were in 2008. Back then, I felt that there was more momentum and people were not so polarized on the subject of Climate Change. The climate skeptics have been working very hard since 2008 and it shows.
    Green Bean´s last blog post ..Raising Little Environmentalists


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