Great Home Remedies Hidden Right Under Your Nose

Baking Soda.  Great Home Remedy

Baking Soda. Great Home Remedy

With four kids, I have spent plenty of time in doctor offices, tutors, and other assorted appointments.  I don’t mind waiting when the waiting room is full of magazines that I ordinarily don’t get to read. My favorite articles are those “Dear Heloise” types.  You know. The home remedy ones.  Kind of like the 10 green living hacks from Jean Nick of Rodale?

I sit and leaf through the magazines with that “wow, I -would-never-think-of-that -myself”  look.  So, I thought I would share some of my new finds  fromthe month’s Good Housekeeping magazine:

Polishing Jewelry:

To shine gold or gemstones, simply fill a dish with unsalted seltzer and a drop of dishwashing soap.  Drop in your babble, and the bubbling action of the seltzer and foaming of the soap will clean your jewels.  The editors caution not to use this home remedy with costume jewelry, silver (darn), pearls, and turquoise.

According to Heloise, you can use toothpaste to shine silver.

How to Keep Under Arm Stains from Coming Back.

The editors suggested using a stick rather than a roll on since fabric appear to absorbs more of the chemicals from the roll on.  Even better, they suggested to apply the deodorant on the night before.  Soap won’t take away its effectiveness.  However, you should shave.

I happen to use Lafe organic deodrant, but I use the roll on.   I guess I am going to have to move to the stick.  What do you use? Stick or Roll on?

De-Stink Clothes with Odors:

My sons’ polyester shorts always smell no matter what I wash the clothes in.  Detergent, soap nuts, even Tide with bleach!  (Yes, I have resorted to the all out chemicals.)  Am I the only one who suffers from smelly polyester?

Good Housekeeping suggested to remove mild odors, to add a cup of baking soda to the wash.  For stubborn stench such as  arm pit odor to dilute 3 tablespoons of salt in a quart of water. Soak the clothes for an hour and then wash as usual.

Use a Frisbee as a plate holder

The editors suggested to buy Frisbees to  use as under plate supports for parties.  At the end of the party, you simply give them away as gifts.

My green take is to fish inside my kids’ toys.  They have a ton of Frisbees from this and that function.  Want to re-purpose them?  Consider using them as colorful outdoor supports for your plates as Good Housekeeping suggested.

Heck, you could even re-gift to other children who want to take them home.  Less clutter at my house.

Join the Conversation

  • Add your own house remedy in the comments. I know that I barely touched the proverbial iceberg with home remedies.
  • Have you tried any of the above home remedies?  Do they work?
  • Do you have a problem that my reader experts can create a home remedy solution for you?

Um, I am probably going to be in a waiting room tomorrow since Son #3 might have broken his toe.  I hope they have good magazines.  *Sign*

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  1. 1

    Sunshine says

    With regard to the deodorant issue and under-arm stains –

    The stains come from 2 sources –

    1) From th e deodorant itself

    2) from not being so tidy under the arm pits –

    The cure – is to wash under tha arms really well when bathing – there are gentle bath brushes sold by Fuller Brush that are quite nice. And, change the diet, go to a sauna, de-stress. Stress hormones create a distinctive under-arm odor. Eating a diet that depends a lot of meat and animal products increases BO. One reads, it is important to honour one’s blood type with regard to diet, however. Take up yoga, deep breathing exercises to de-stress.

  2. 2


    Sunshine, good point about an animal based diet. Can you explain about honoring one’s blood tyep with regards to diet? I am a type A. What should I be eating? Anna

    • 3

      Sunshine says

      Hi, Anna, thank you for your comment. The following are from Google on Eat Right for Your Type, by Dr Peter D’Adamo with regard to what you should be eating. Part of the key is also to watch the glycemic issues. And, if you sign up for Dr Richard Schulze’s blogs, you can get some good information on his approach to being a vegan.

      You’ll have to copy and paste. Best of luck!

      Dr. Schulze’s Blog

      Eat Right For Your Type :: The Official Blood Type Diet Site
      Information, guidance and support for readers interested in applying the principles of The Blood Type Diet as outlined by The New York Times best-selling … – Cached – Similar
      Blood Type O
      Blood Type A
      Blood Type B
      Blood Type AB
      TYPEbase Food Values
      Weight Loss Tips
      Individualized Diets
      Latest Forum Posts
      More results from »

  3. 4


    I have seen a lot of posts lately on using baking soda, vinegar, etc. for general cleaning instead of buying one thing for windows, something else for counters, etc. I had forgotten all about Hints from Heloise–not that I ever read them when she was still living. I assume there were Hints from Heloise books. If they’re not in print, they’re probably still in libraries. Thanks for the reminder.

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