Green Feng Shui: Health and Harmony for Homes and Businesses

Luminous Spaces' Feng Shui reformation of a Hair Salon

Luminous Spaces' Feng Shui reformation of a Hair Salon

With our  troubled economy, could feng shui, a traditional time aged practice, change our home and work environments to be more profitable, harmonious and healthy?  Maureen Calamia, founder of Luminous Spaces, a green Feng Shui consulting company, has in fact been helping people and companies for several years to transform their buildings into healthy positive and productive environments.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Maureen about how feng shui can help create a harmonious and creative environment for your home and business. Before you balk, and think this is new age junk,  I urge you to listen to either the podcast or watch the video-cast as Maureen explains the benefits of using feng shui for your home and/or business.


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Trust me.  You all are in for a treat since she is fascinating and even provides a case study  of a business she transformed  incorporating principles of feng shui .  Bottom line? A more profitable company.  In addition, she gives examples during the interview on how she has changed her clients’ lives by using this time old practice in their home.  Just to give you a little taste, she helped stop a baby from having seizures.

What is Feng Shui?

But the first question on your mind has to be what is feng shui?

Maureen explains

“[y]our home is filled with energy – be it positive or negative – and the energy affects the mood of everyone in the household. Clutter, electrical or plumbing problems, undone repair projects, and poor positioning of beds, are just some of the contributors to negative energy, which can lead to stress, financial trouble, illness, and relationship problems.”

Maureen further explains that feng shui brings the natural flow of energy into your environment through the artful placement of furniture and objects.  In addition, she  incorporates the five natural elements, wood, water, fire, Earth, and metal, into the space.   Realize Maureen is not an interior designer but uses color and placement to provide a positive energy flow throughout your home and business.

What is Green Feng Shui?

But Maureen had me stumped when she explained that she adds a sustainability element to her practice.  She is certified Building Biology Practitioner (BBP)  and helps to remediate indoor air quality issues and electromagnetic emissions.  So, the products she recommends are green as well.

How Can Feng Shui Help You?

Maureen Calamia, founder of Luminous Spaces,

Maureen Calamia, founder of Luminous Spaces

Many of you may think, how can feng shui help me?  As Maureen stated above, maybe you have financial trouble, problems falling asleep, anxiety, or lacking creativity?  Perhaps your business is not a profitable as you would like it to be.  The placement of furniture, layout of cubicles, and lighting may be causing your employees to be less creative and productive. She also features snippets on her website of some of the businesses she has helped.

Maureen offers several different options to create the healthy and productive environment you yearn. She can be hired for  both virtual or “on the boots ground” consulting. If you want to dip your toe in first to learn more about feng shui, Maureen offers an e-book for businesses and an e-course to learn more about feng shui.

 My Own Testimony

Before, I go any further, I want to give my own testimony about the powers of feng shui.  I am a true believe in feng shui since it helped me sell my last house.  We hired a feng shui consultant since we could not sell our house for two years despite dropping the price several times.

What we learned is the house had fundamental feng shui problems such as a staircase that was in the center of the foyer which impeded energy flow as well as furniture placement issues.  She also help us to clear the energy in the house which was left by the prior owner.  In less than a month we were presented with two offers, and subsequently sold the house.

In addition, a when we built our new house, she helped us with colors.  Although, we hired her a little late in the game, she presented us with many ideas on how to help the energy flow in the house.  I highly recommend hiring a feng shui consultant for a remodel or new construction process for both home and business.  By the way, here is Maureen’s card.

Life is too short.  Why should negative energy flow impede the health of your family or employees?

Join the Conversation

  • Do feel stagnated in your home?  Causing anxiety? Health issues?
  • Is your business not prospering?  An employee who doesn’t seem to get along with other employees?  Stagnation in the company?
  • Would you consider hiring a feng shui consultant?  If you have, please tell us your experience.
  • Have you ever heard of feng shui before?

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