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Over the years as I penned Green Talk, I have met the most inspiring  people who have used their life story to create a business or mission to help others. You know the ones that make your neck hair stand up when you talk about them?  They might be your neighbor, friend or relative.  We all have them in our lives.  And the Earth is a better place because of them.  Amen.

In the last year, a voice inside started to bug me.  It would whisper to me, “Anna, tell their stories.”

I would then push that voice aside since I had enough work on Green Talk to last me for two lifetimes.  Who has time?  By the way, whose stories?  Do I need meds?  Am I working too hard that I am hearing voices?  If they take me the sanitarium, will it be green?  That’s the last thing I need to do.  Green a sanitarium while being in an organic straight jacket. Voice, get a life.

Again, the voice started getting louder.  “If you build it, people will come.

Wait a minute.  Voice, are you James Earl Jones?  Is this baseball movie? Isn’t the phrase, “if you build it, he will come?”   I hate baseball.  Sorry to all of you who love it.  It is simply boring. Voice, I don’t get your message.

Voice thinks.  Boy, she is dumber than a recycled content door knob.  Sometimes, she is such a squirrel.  Who cares if she hates baseball?

A few Months Pass and Then

A few months later, Voice keeps getting louder and louder.  Sometimes I can’t drown it out.  I am starting to think the meds idea is a really good one.

The voice:  “Why did you start Green Talk?  To inspire?  Create Community?  To and be educated?”

Okay voice.  Yes. Yes, and HELL YES.  (For those of you who don’t know me, read my about page.)

Then the voice would say “tell their stories.”

Whose stories?  Crap.  I thought this is what I do on Green Talk.  Am I totally missing the boat here? I tell the stories of companies, products, and people.  I am a regular storyteller for crying out loud.  Please leave me alone, Voice.  I am too busy.

The Voice would just sign.  A heavy sign and think, she ain’t getting it.  Where is the 2 by 4 piece of lumber when you need it?

Voice, What Do You Want From Me?

Okay, Voice what do you want from me? You are driving me crazy. I don’t need you do this. I have four cavemen.  They drive me plenty crazy.   And let’s not forget the hubby.

Plus, I am working my fingers off at Green Talk.  The lone She wolf.  Sometimes, I think no one is listening. There is crickets around my comments despite my increase in internet traffic. I get defeated, hurt, and angry all at the same time.  I wonder why am I wasting my time probably once a month.  (Okay, maybe like twice a month…)

So what do you want from me, Voice.  Now I know how Brittany Spears feels. Voice wants a piece of me.

Do What You Do Best

Then the Voice says, “do what you do best.  Storytell and inspire.”

Then I got it. I don’t know how, but  I really did. The LED went off in my head. (Nice color too.)  What did I get?  I decided to create a series about women who inspire me.  Women who are our neighbors.  Not women who are television stars or are repeatedly in the paper.  Good old,  “stop yapping about it and do something about it women.”  You know who they are.

The Green Gal Next Door.  She is ordinarily extraordinary.

She is so damn inspiring.  She decide to Go Big and NOT Go Home.

My Hope?

My hope with this series?

  • To inspire you. Not just women.  Inspire you to live your dream. Heck, if they can do it, so can you. Being green means so much more than building a green house.  It means to live simpler, healthier, fulfilled and being kinder to Earth.
  • Give you hope that we will be okay.  These women are forging ahead to make life better for all of us.
  • Support their organization to help them build that field of dreams.  (Love that movie.  Okay, truth be told, I love Kevin Costner, but don’t tell hubby.)
  • Make a difference.  It is the simple changes that count.  Start small.  One step at a time.
  • We are all in this together.

Could I use Some Help?

I hate asking for help.  I am afraid of hearing the word, no.  Here’s where I need help:

Video work is hard work.  I see this series having a life of its own.  Please consider the following:

  • Please give me feedback about the Green Jane Next Door videos.  I am keeping them to 5 minute which for a rambler like me is soooo hard.
  • Consider sponsoring the series or asking your business sponsor the series so I can make the series more polished.
  • If you feel inclined, please donate through the PayPal button on the side bar.
  • Give me names of women who are healing the Earth in some way. I am trying to focus on not for profit companies or individual woman.
  • As for businesses, I haven’t figured this part yet.  I walk a fine line at Green Talk about supporting it and not doing a pay for play option.  However, like your business, I need to support Green Talk.  Again, any of you who have a suggestion about how to deal with businesses, I am all ears.  There are some great women entrepreneurs I would like to feature.  Want to tell me privately, please contact me through my form.
Tomorrow is my first woman on the Green Gal hot seat.   Stay tune.  Thank you again for your support.  Every day you trust me with your eyes is an honor for me.

Photo by SweetOnVeg

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