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Since I am a new weblog, I was told by my hosting site (–totally solar web hosting site!!) to get my name out in different blogs. I did the usual “green” searches and found Green Maven.  I thought what a funny name.  Someone who is a maven about green products?  Green Maven is the first search engine geared toward green only searches.  Their editors review the companies who submit their websites for listing on Green Maven for their green content. 

 Green Maven was started by Joey Shepp in 2006.  His goal was to help others to be able find green news and sustainable products easier.   There are at least 5000 green website on Green Maven.

In an article written by Shepp,  he quotes Lee Ettleman , a reporter at TIME.COM discussing Green Maven,

       “Going green has never been easier than with Green Maven. Editors at the site hand-pick web pages and news items related to the environmental movement—about everythingfrom eco-friendly cities to organic socks—that can then be searched using the Google tool on the homepage or browsed through using a directory.”

 So, how to do you use Green Maven in your daily life.  At the bottom of the website, there is a section called “Share”.  If you want to use Green Maven for your internet searches, then use the following as listed on the website:

 “On the web:

1. Bring our green search engine with you anywhere on the web! Simply download our Firefox plug-in so your browser will display a Green Maven search box. Anytime you, or your friends and family, are on your computer, you can all use the Green Maven search engine.

2. Add us to your favorite bookmarking sites, such as, BlinkList, or Furl.”

Go visit, and make your green searches easier, but come back here and see if anyone has any opinion about the green products you found.

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    Hey, thanks for the great post on Green Maven. I’m the founder, and would love any sort of feedback people have about We’ve designed the website for lovers of all things green, so we encourage feedback on how we can make it better!


    Joey Shepp
    Founder and Editor in Chief

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    says has listed Green Maven’s good search results, as well as hundreds of others. This site is growing fast! Submissions are free, so feel free to submit an Add URL request for review.

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    Green Talk says

    Larissa-can you tell us what makes Greenlinkcentral different than Green Maven and a few other green search engines? Anna

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    Green Talk says

    Larissa-thanks for the compilment! Readers, the link for reading about Green Link Central is as follows: site offers specific topic related searches and all of the website are hand picked providing the searcher with quality results. Check out this new search engine as well as its affilate search engines, which are a part of the parent organization, Link Central.

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    But there is on drawback on greenmaven homepage. They have lot of images there so it takes lot of time to load. I wish it could open as fast as Google atleast like yahoo.

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