Green Mountain Ski Furniture Repurposes Your Old Skis.

Recycled ski equipment chair

I have to admit I am a total sucker for any product made with recycled materials especially the ones made out of products that I thought you could never recycle. Take Green Mountain Ski Furniture, for example, that turns old skis and snowboards into furniture.  Adirondack chairs, coffee tables and coat racks.

Get out of town, Anna.  Old Skis and snowboards?  How about my old snow boots?

Furniture with a Ski Purpose?

Everyone calm down.  Yeah, outdoor furniture made out of old skis.  How exciting is this? In fact, if you have your own skis and want to create a custom chair to remember those days of being on the slopes without a care in the world, and those nights in the hot tub…Maybe I should stop at the care-free snow days?, Anyhoo, the Company can make you a custom chair for your skis to lean back and remember those vintage memories.

Better yet, how about a love seat for the two of you?  Just send them your skis.  Not only will you be saving the Earth, you get 20% off your order for providing the materials.  Where can you get a discount like that for giving someone your old equipment?

As I mentioned above, the Company can make quite a few items from olds skis and snowboards. Don’t have skis or snowboards, but love the concept?  The Company sells may different furniture and household products incorporating old ski equipment.  The base price of the Alpine Ski chair at the beginning of the article is $329.00.

So what products did I like? See the pictures below:

recycled ski snowboard_bench_detail
This bench’s list price is $499, but it is on sale at $399.

bottle opener
Check out this can opener with cap catcher! Doesn’t this scream MAN CAVE?  Priced at $39.00.

 recycled ski coffee table

The coffee table above is priced at $399.

Is it Comfortable?

Actually, this was my first question when I read about their chairs.  I get it if the chair is only for the “cool factor,” or “I love my skis and can’t part with them factor.” (Or I wish I was young, daring, and had all my hair factor or maybe, not sagging to my knees factor…Take your pick.) According to the site,

Yes…We think so!  Chairs and benches have been designed to not only be an interesting conversation piece, but functional and comfortable as well.  What is the point of an uncomfortable chair?  Our chairs and benches have contoured seats and backs, and we have spent time getting the proportions and sizing dialed in to produce an exceedingly comfortable and professionally built product.  Don’t take our word for it though, find out  for yourself! Stop by the shop, visit us at a show, or order one up and take advantage of the comfort guarantee.  You will be amazed!”

Wow.  A comfort guarantee.  But, But.  What happens if I am too tall or can I leave the furniture outsides?  Gosh, you all are starting to sound like me with so many questions. The Company has an FAQ with lots of answers for us inquisitive, won’t buy unless we research the hell out it types.

Can I make one myself?

This Company has thought of everything.  Want to try your hand at making your own old skis chair?  The Company can send you a DIY kit complete with wood pieces and steel hardware so not only can you reminisce but you can brag about your “I did it myself” chair. (Bragging is perfectly allowed. However, raunchy reminiscing ski trips stories?  Well,  keep them to yourself.)

Just Want to Recycle?

Don’t want a chair and just want to clean out the old basement. Recycle the old blades.  If you are located in Vermont, the Company will pick up your equipment for free. You can either donate it or sell it for a cheap price depending on the condition and age.

Not in Vermont?

If you live in  New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or Connecticut, call them to see if you can arrange a pick-up.  If none of these scenarios works for you, consider, mailing them without the bindings, since the bindings add weight and bulk to the cost of shipping.  As the Company states, “consider it the cost of recycling.”

Oh about those old ski boots, maybe your could make book ends out of the boots?

Readers, do you have any old ski equipment? Would you make a chair or coffee table out of your old skis?

Tip from Charlotte at the Burlington Free Press. I encourage you to read Charlotte’s wonderful article about this Company.  Much more in depth than my story.

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    Love recycling skis. Check our our MADE IN VERMONT ski gifts at our website We don’t make the usual ski furniture. We make picture frames, mirrors, message boards, birdhouses, bird feeders, wind chimes, personal beer buckets, all from recycled ski equipment. We also make sled and toboggan tables from recycled sleds!

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      Germaine, I don’t take them. I only wrote about them. Perhaps give them a call. You could always give them to the Salvation Army or any consignment shop. Better yet, put them on Freecycle and note they can be repurposed into furniture. Let me know what you end up doing with them. Anna


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