Green News for 09.12.2010. Desk on Demand, College Eco Contest, BPA in Sealants

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This week we have green news sure to get up going this week. Grab a cup of Joe and start reading.  From the demand desk aimed at making telecommuting the norm to BPA in your child’s sealants.

Goodbye office, hello ‘desk on demand’ I have been preaching this to any who will listen to me that companies will be downsizing their need for office space. Read on as to how IBM took this concept and reduced their office space need.  Do you think this concept will take off?  Would you like to telecommute?

Video Contest for College Students:

“Video Contest Invites College Students to Film “Everyday Environmentalists” for Scholarship Money. College students have a chance to win up to $3,000 in scholarships by filming or creating animation and uploading short video clips to YouTube that demonstrate the everyday, practical ways that garbage men and women help keep communities healthy and clean, protect the environment and conserve resources in their communities. The contest, which opens on September 9, 2010, is sponsored by the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA) in Washington, D.C. NSWMA represents the solid waste industry in the U.S., including firms that collect, process, recycle, extract renewable fuel and dispose of municipal solid waste.”

Atlantic County Utilities Authority adds green roofs to its list of green ideas.
(tip from  Hoping this trend takes off but the cost of $25 a foot is really expensive.

Cotton Cloth Coated in Nanotubes Electrifies Bacteria to Purify Water via Treehugger.

Check out some of the new EcoApps for the iPhone.  One of the newest is the solar app:

“Solar PV Installer is an app that fully describes the required solar panel rooftop system, Calculates system output and electricity savings and Estimates total solar panel system cost. It is designed for home and property owners as well as used by solar sales professionals plus it is Internationally accurate!”

Check out some of the other apps on their site.  Do you have a favorite Eco app? Spill.

Fillings, Sealants May Leach BPA Into Kids’ Mouths.  Don’t panic. Read on how you can minimize your children’s exposure.  (Okay, I kind of freaked.)

So, have any green news to share?  Comment away.

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