Green Speed Links for October 12, 2009. Affecting Your Wallet to Your Stomach

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Photo by Fernando de Sousa.  I love this picture!

This week I have some great green speed links ranging from green business funding to what to be aware of with protein shakes.  (Think wallet to stomach.)  As always, I encourage you to include your own favorite green news story in the comments below.  Self promotion is encouraged!  So, here goes.

The Secrets to Getting Your Green Business Funded via GreenBiz.

Anna Clark interviews Bryan Korba, the managing partner of Y Street Ventures, an investment management company with an interest in the sustainability industry and the triple-bottom line business philosophy. See the dos and don’t of green funding.

EPA Calls for Chemical Law Reform, More Responsibility on Companies (again Greenbiz.  They had alot of great articles this week.)  EPA is calling for the strengthening of  the Toxic Substances Control Act.  Could this be in conjunction with the Kids-Safe Chemical Act?  According to the article,

“The EPA’s initial list of chemicals it plans to review includes bisphenol A (used to make hard plastics, can liners and a wide range of other items), phthalates (used to make vinyl and soft plastics), brominated flame retardants (primarily found in electronics), perflourinated compounds (used to make non-stick coating), some parafins (used in lubricants) and benzidine dyes and pigments.”

Iowa State experimenting with “green” gadgets: (via the Chicago Tribune)  Iowa State is experimenting with smart vending machines which reduce power when no one is around.  Think occupancy sensor meets vending machine.  Each machine stands to save the school $80 a year.  That might seems like a small sum, but if you multiply that amount by the number of vending machines on campus, it will surely add up.  According to the University,  the average savings on 168 vending machines will save the university $13,000.00.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Triples the Risk of Autism in Infant Boys (via ) New study shows that the risk to newborn baby boys given the Hepatitis B vaccine developing autism triples.  According to Dr. Mercola,

“[i]n addition, vaccine-derived immunity is thought to be short lived. Up to 60 percent of persons who initially respond will lose detectable antibodies within 12 years. So that means that these vaccines will provide little to no protection to the real risks of acquiring hepatitis B, namely promiscuous sexual behavior and IV drug abuse”.

The Truth about Protein in Shake Mixes (via Dr. Mercola. )  Great video about what you should eat for breakfast.  Learn what Dr. Mercola makes for breakfast and the dos and don’t of protein shakes.

Colleges Get Sustainability Report Card (via the Environmental Leader.)  Check out the grade your college got for its sustainability efforts.  None of the NJ school listed received above a B.   How did your own state schools rate?

Green printing tip no. 18: What is rock paper, and why is it considered a Green paper? (via Eco-Libris blog) Forget about post consumer recycled content paper!  Check out rock paper made out of demolished building products.

Have any green news you would like to share?  Add it to the comments.   Just keep it green.

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    Yes, the EPA’s announcements re TSCA reform are linked to the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act since it was written to replace TSCA. What form a new law will take won’t be clear until a new bill is introduced (Kid-Safe is not active b/c it was introduced in a previous Congress) and hearings held, etc… To learn more about the progress being made, check out our Kid-Safe Chemicals site: The major affected interests now agree that TSCA reform is needed. A strong place to start. Lisa Frack, EWG

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      Green Talk says

      Lisa, it is about time that our government steps up to the plate. TSCA needs to be reformed. Thanks to the EWG for being such great advocates for our health. Anna

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    Green vending machines, huh. That’s why I am so optimistic about global warming. There is so much crap on this planet just sucking up energy that if we do a little self reflection we can eliminate.

    • 7

      Green Talk says

      Solarglobalgreen, good point. To add to your self-reflection idea, we would not need vending machines if we stopped drinking bottled water, soda, and eating garbage vending machine food. Do you have a solar green news item to share? Anna


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