Green Your Teen to Change the World

The Green Teen

How would you describe a teenager to someone not from this Earth?  Disagreeable, know it all, self-centered, and moody? But at the same time, they can be equally passionate about what rocks their world.  I know. I have two teenagers.

Because of their unbridled spirit, they are prime candidates to save this Planet and influence their peers to create a greener environment.  These sullen creatures, believe it or not, are our next leaders.  Kind of  scary.

So how do you get your teen to green his or her Planet,  let alone try and get him or her to clean up their room? Jenn Savedge , author of the Green Teen, has tapped into her inner teenager and created a book that any teenager would adore.  She lays out how to green your teen’s world  in an easy to read book with steps to empower your teen to change the environment.


My reaction? I absolutely loved this book! I am not the fastest reader but I flew through the book.  Savedge is a wonderfully concise writer.  She explains each green topic with the same type of format:  the cause, the effect, and what you can do about it.  She provides the reader with  short-to-the point green tips and resources. The book contains catchy phrases like “don’t be a drip” referring to water conservation and “trim your waistline” referring to eating less meat to make your teen chuckle.    My favorite chapters are the green your school and starting a school recycling program since teens spend so much of their time in school.

In addition to the written tips, Savedge knows the best way to for teens to access  eco-friendly information.  How?  You guessed it.  Their cell phones.  She provides them with text messages (such as “BADCHEMS” to have a list of the same sent to their phones.)  Simply dial “4-INFO.”

To help seal the deal, Savedge  provides interviews with teens who have made a difference.  And boy have they made a difference.   Their stories are amazing.  To that end, Savedge even provides your teen with a mock press release and proposal to empower them to create their own “difference.”

Want a little peek at the book?  See here for the Table of Contents and an excerpt from the book.

This book is not just geared to the younger set.  When your teen is done reading it, grab it and read it yourself.  As I mentioned above, the book  is really easy to read.  Savedge makes greening your world so easy to accomplish that you will be an expert in no time.

So, if you have a teen that you want to inspire to be green, grab this book.  You can also buy it on  Want more Jenn? Follow her  on her blog, the Green Parent, or read her first book, The Green Parent: A Kid-Friendly Guide to Earth-Friendly Living.

Hey, Jenn.  When you update the book, can you throw in a chapter on how cleaning your room is good for the Planet?

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