Greener Holiday Greeting Cards, Bows, Etc. Trimmings without the Trash.

Happy Holidays Greeting Card Make on Reclaimed Paperboard

Happy Holidays Greeting Card Make on Reclaimed Paperboard

I recently guest posted over on Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen about how to green your wrapping paper options.  Why?   With Over 4 million tons of wrapping paper and shopping bags used during the holidays along with ribbons, bows, tissue paper, and cardboard box, I wasn’t surprised to learn Americans throw away 25% more trash from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

I listed numerous options from the a simple ribbon around a white box to making your own gift wraps. But in order to keep the article concise, I decided to break the article up into two parts:  greener wrapping paper options on Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen blog and all the rest of your gift wrapping trimming here from bows to greeting cards.

Just Stop laughing.

You all must be thinking there is no way she wrote a short article for Maria. Brevity is not Anna’s strong suit.   Oh by the way, know it alls, I still have plenty to say for this green bows to greeting cards article. I don’t want you to feel deprived.

Holiday Greeting Cards

According to a 2007 Washington Post article, Hallmark estimated that over 2.2 billions cards would be sent during the holiday season. How many do you figure end up in the trash?    So, here are some greener suggestions:

  • Send post-consumer recycled content holiday greeting cards. has a long list of vendors to choose from.
  • Send greeting cards online from such online venues as Hallmark, American Greetings, and others.
  • Like sending the greeting cards with pictures? Consider sending them through Pingg and Paperless Post.
  • Want to take greeting cards to the next level?  This is one of my favorite suggestions. Consider sending a video montage. All you have to do is upload your photos on Animoto and their program does the rest.  Your video will look like you’ve spent hours creating it.  (It will be our little secret.)
  • Consider buying ReGreet cards where your recipients can resend your card to someone else.
  • Make your own cards from making paper.  Great family project.

Instead of trashing or recycling the holiday greeting cards, consider the following:

Gift Tags:

With every gift comes a gift tag.  Here are some more greener options to show off your holiday gifts.

Bows and Ribbon:

With packages comes bows and ribbons.  Consider the following greener options:


I don’t know about you, but I cannot wrap a gift without using alot of tape.  However, tape on the wrapping paper makes it unrecyclable.  So, here are some greener ideas:

Alternatives to the Cardboard box:

Consider choosing one of the below greener suggestions rather than using the cardboard box for your holiday gift:

Don’t forget to green your tissue paper as well.  Consider seeded tissue paper from companies such as Little Kay Garden.

What Are Your Suggestion?

Now, not to brag, but the above are some pretty creative suggestions.  But I also pride myself for having some of the most creative readers. So, spill on how you green your gift wrapping options with all the frills.  Upload pictures or videos to Green Talk’s Facebook Fan Page or to the Forum.

Photo by Kim Love of The Lovelihood.

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    I use fabric napkins and either gather them up for re use or let them go to a new home as part of the present. I mostly use knots to secure – there are some great Japanese sites for using fabric wrap.

    viv in nz


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