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Do you have Earth Day overload?  I do.  In my email box, I must have hundreds of requests to write about so and so’s green product or promote this or that agenda since the Earth needs us.  After awhile all of the requests seem the same.

So, here on Green Talk, I am taking the laid back approach and recycle some of my favorite posts that many of you may have not read.  I am not going to bombard you with the top ten green tips, and  waggle my finger at you that you need to get on the bandwagon.  Just want to amuse you with some great reads.  (Well, I think so.)

Readers, grab your favorite organic, fair trade coffee, tea, or piña colada in a reusable mug (sorry couldn’t resist) and get inspired.

Bordering on Jerry Lewis humor

Could a Paint Brush Save the Planet?

Help! Slugs in my Garden are Ruining My Life!

Arnold Schwarzenegger-like Parsnips (you have to see these babies. I don’t make this stuff up.)

My passionate side.

Stop Making Our Kids Sick. Make Chemical Safe.

Easiest Way to Go Green

Come on it is Earth Day.  I have to include this.

15 Tips to Become A Neighborhood “Greeny”. It is right there in the neighborhood.

Coolest Science

I am a Janine Benyus groupie.  Sorry Al.  She is cooler. (My sister is probably yelling at the computer saying, “Anna, you are such a nerd.”)

Biomimicry: Sustainable Design Ideas Perfected by Nature

Can you really take me seriously?

Can Eating Your Food Cold Reduce the Energy Crisis?

Most Loved by Green Talk readers.

Coffee Grounds, Garden Friend or Foe?

Most Voted to Be an E-book

(Could also be in the wee serious subclass. I get carried away sometimes.  Or in the wow that is an intense post. Or even, crap, this is such a long post.  Get a life, Anna.  Pick whichever subclass you think this one belong in.)

Are Toxic Chemicals Lurking in your Furniture and Building Products?

Sexiest Posts:

10 Green Tips For a Red Hot Valentine’s Day!

Your Vinyl Blow-Up Doll is a Health Hazard

Favorite Green Building Posts:

Passing the LEED exam AND Surviving

Do You Have the Energy Bill Blues?

VAST® Pavers Are the Green Choice LEED’ing the Way

Building Supply Salvage Centers—Where a Bargain Lessens Your Carbon Footprint (In the video, Me with big Jersey hair.)

Most Clever Title:

Um, to leer you in…

How to Unweave Plastic from the Fabric of our Lives

Coolest Podcasts

Personally, I love them all, but especially love these two.

Ford’s Green Intiatives. Interview with Ford’s Plastic Tech Leader

Bicor Takes Back PLA Products to Convert into New PLA

Favorite Green Decor Posts:

Twin Maples Show House Oozes Green Glam

Eco-Friendly Fabrics are Gorgeous and Green!

Oh, by the way, Green Talk turned three at the beginning of April!  Couldn’t have done it without my readers.  Big Group hug.  Hope you can feel the love. (smooch, smooch.)  Have a green one today!  Get outside and enjoy the day to see what Mother Earth has to offer.

By the way, make my Earth Day, by sharing any of the above posts, tweeting, and stumbling any of them! Which one of the above is your favorite?  Do you have a favorite one on your website?

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