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Sustainable Pathway Consulting was started by me to help both for profit and not for profits to become leaner, greener more profitable machines.  Being green does not have to break the bank.  In fact, with my methodology, I use green practices to your advantage to make you more profitable and environmentally conscious which in turn helps your bottom line.  Everyone wants to go green today.  Why shouldn’t you use your new green mission to help you to target new customers?

What’s My Approach?

I take a holistic approach to companies and look at the big picture not just the energy consumption.

  • Reduction of Waste.
  • Reduction of Water consumption
  • Reduction of Energy consumption
  • Change Mission Statement
  • Reduction of Paper
  • Technology changes
  • Social Media to increase customer base
  • Staff Education
  • Packaging
  • Supply Chain
  • Green Building
  • Green Consumer Product Evaluation
  • Eco-connect you with other companies or products
  • And more.

My Background

I am a LEED AP (new commercial construction), real estate lawyer, and undergraduate business degree with a concentration in finance. I am currently working with a diverse group of commercial properties to help them in the above areas I outlined above. In addition, I have hands-on experience having built an energy star home six years ago utilizing eco friendly, nontoxic materials.  For more information about my experience and background, please see my Linked-in profile.

My diverse background enables me to be a detailed, analytical, tenacious person and to look at products from a consumer perspective since I have lived with green products for several years. My knowledge base of going green started a decade ago.

For years, I have volunteered working with not for profits to make them financially viable.  I understand how to work within the parameters of budgets and how to work on the less is more principle.  Streamlining and reducing costs are my specialties.


Being the editor of Green Talk has exposed me to many different products for the home and commercial businesses. I am inundated daily with new products or those that just realized that they are green. I am a natural connector. I hear people’s stories, and I immediately see connections that could benefit them.

How to Pay me?

All payment arrangements for my services will be disclosed upon presentation of your consultation needs. You can’t afford not to hire me. Please contact me through my Contact Form and state your consultation needs.

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