Homemade Applesauce 9 Heart Healthy Uses + How To {Video}

Muffins with Oil Replacement Applesauce.

Muffins with Oil Replacement Applesauce.

Previously, I gave you the skinny on how to make your own crockpot applesauce sans the sugar.   For those of you who want a more up close and personal view, watch my apple sauc’en video.   I major in easy so this recipe couldn’t be less time consuming.  Be sure to check out my favorite apple slicing tool.   It makes the job of slicing apples so easy.

Now, why I got you in the apple making sauce mood,  read on for my 9 uses for applesauce and some recipes to wet your appetite.

Mr . DeMille are you ready for my close-up? (Um, more like my hands close-ups.)

Homemade Applesauce Video

Heart Healthy Applesauce Uses:

Besides eating it straight or with potato pancakes, you can use applesauce:

  • substitute for oil in baked goods.  Be really careful since applesauce subbed baked good do not taste like ones with oil. I find them to be a little bit drier.  E-How recommends adding back 2 tablespoons of oil to the mix to improve the texture.  How about you? (Note, most articles I read said not to substitute butter for applesauce.)
  • substitute for sugar.   Realize you are introducing more liquid into your baked goods.  Read here for a good guideline on how to substitute applesauce for sugar.

Word of wisdom: My stepmother who is a fabulous cook always tells me to not substitute too many ingredients in a recipe.  So, I usually don’t substitute both the oil and the sugar.   I tend to substitute the fat part and use coconut palm sugar for the sugar.  Who else can’t stand to make a recipe as is?

Some more uses:

  • Make applesauce butter.  (Recipe coming.  It is all about the apples lately. Yep, crockpot too.)
  • Make a savory applesauce with “caramelized onions and unsweetened applesauce together, adding balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to taste.”  The recipe suggested to serve it with pork or veal.  I just want to eat it by itself!
  • Granola using applesauce. (Note the original recipe contains rice syrup. If you are worried about the arsenic/rice issues {says the queen of arsenic in rice} substitute maple syrup.  And no, this isn’t a plug for the petition. I just didn’t want all of you to say, “come on Anna there is rice syrup in the recipe.  Have you lost your mind?”
  • Applesauce parfait. According to a Livestrong article, simply spoon a layer of applesauce then plain or flavored yogurt followed by sliced banana with granola on top.  For my vegan friends, use plain coconut yogurt.
  • Substitute for eggs in baking.   I usually use bananas or a chia seed mixture but applesauce sounds intriguing.
  • Substitute for shortening in baking.  According to FitDay,  you can substitute “1 cup of shortening with ½ cup of applesauce or prune puree.”

I will give you some apple breaks this week but look forward to apple butter, apple cider peel vinegar, and apple skin leather.  Nothing goes to waste in my house!  (I know my sister is reading this and saying I have lost it.)

Some Recipes to Wet Your Appetite:

Here are some recipes thanks to my fellow eco-warriors and some greensisters.

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