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Orbit Eco Friendly Stroller

Orbit Baby Eco Friendly Stroller

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While there is not a vast selection of green strollers on the market nowadays, a few companies have caught on the demand for Eco friendly strollers. Some international companies like Stokke and Maclaren have really stepped up and incorporated their entire producing methods to be efficient in energy as well as minimizing waste. Other companies like Orbit Baby and Bumbleride have incorporated organic and recyclable materials into their strollers.

Anna, here.  I happen to have owned only Maclaren strollers when my children were small.  They hold up great and are amazing.  Um, I still have my stroller since I can’t part with it….

Orbit Baby is well known for their organic fabric, PVC-free rain shield as well as meeting stringent flame retardancy standards by not using toxic brominated and chlorinated chemicals, like PBBs and PBDEs that can be harmful to children. They are considered to produce the greenest strollers on the market today from their manufacturing methods to the quality of their products. It could be possible they have inspired Bumbleride to release their new line of natural strollers, which their exterior stroller fabric is made of 50% recyclable materials and 50% bamboo fiber.

Anna, here.  Also, check out my article on  Taga Strollerbikes, which is a bike/stroller combination.  Ride with your child on errands and then convert the bike into a stroller when needed.  Genius.

Selling or Donating Your Used Stroller

Picking a green stroller is just the first step, what you do with the stroller once your baby grows out of it is an essential step in re-using the stroller. If it’s in good-condition, you should either sell it or donate it to a family in need.

Anna, here.  Joanna will talking about how to donate your used baby furniture and stroller in length in the next article.  I am in the process of doing this as well. *Sniff*  One moment they are in a crib, the next minute they are driving.  Time flies.

Guidelines to Purchase a Used Stroller

If you are purchasing a used stroller, research the up-to-date safety standards under ASTM and recall list under CPSC. Also always check the product yourself first before purchasing it and make sure to get a hold of the stroller’s original instruction manual as you want to be using it correctly for safety reasons. If the stroller has lived out it’s life, you should contact a local recycling company to see if they would collect the aluminum frame of the stroller.

Joanna Kwan is  a freelance writer that dotes on family values and environmental issues.

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